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Last updated: Jan 2, 2009
Site hosted courtesy of the
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

2013 MASA Holiday Party

On Saturday evening, December 7, many MASA members gathered at Bailey's Nursery in Newport for the annual club holiday party.  There was plenty of food to eat and holiday treats to enjoy.


Thanks to everyone who came to the party and for all of the great food. MASA supplied turkey and ham as well as beverages.

Thanks to Art for setting up the party and for getting us access to the Bailey Nursery meeting room for the event. The room and setup worked out great for the party.

The music played, a year's worth of photo's showed on the screen while all who were there mingled and talked. The food was ready and we all sat down to very good meal.


The annual MASA gift exchange game was once again a popular activity with nearly all the attendees participating.  As usual, there were a couple "hot ticket" items that changed hands a few hundred times.

2013 MASA Year in Review

  • 2013 is coming to a close and despite a few problems with the weather and the temporary loss of the Nowthen field I think it turned out to be a pretty good year.
  • A big thanks to VP Jeff Taylor for all you did this year.
  • Thanks Chris Feld for your service as Secretary/Treasurer this past year.
  • A really big thank you Alan Estenson for all your great work on the website and all of the stats you keep.
  • Thanks Andy Heron for the great job on the Planet this past year.
  • Thanks Mike Erpelding and Jon Stenberg for all the work you did to get the 2 contests planned and run so smoothly.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped out with all of the outreach events, party planning, launch range setup and tear down and especially to those that volunteered for LCO/RSO duty. Without all of the help the club would not run as nearly as smoothly as is does.
  • Congratulations to Sean Flynn & Jon Isom on your successful Level 1 certifications
  • Congratulations to Michael Farrell on your successful Level 2 certification.
  • We had a total of 6 club launches, 2 contests and 1 special launch held in October with Tripoli at North Branch.
  • The 6 launches had a total of 640 flights, 703 motors, a total impulse of 18,328.25 N-s at a cost of $4119.
  • All of the stats can be found on the MASA website under the Launch Report tab. Thanks again Alan.
  • The field loss came to a shock to all us but we hope to be back and flying at Nowthen next year. Ted Cochran and I presented our case to the Nowthen City Council and they have taken all of the information under advisement.  As of today there has not been any more news to report but we feel that some kind of settlement will be reached and that we should get back to flying in Nowthen in 2014. If for reason we do not we will do our best to find a new field.

2012 MASSY Awards

Following MASA tradition, club president Neal Higgins presented a few special awards.

  • Prolific Flyer Michael Farrell with a total of 64 flights at MASA launches

  • Prolific Burner of Total Impulse Allan Grover - a total of 2744 N-s in only 4 flights.

  • Design of the Year Rick Vatsaas for his great work on the 3D printed MASA logo rocket. This replaced the Prang award because Jeff and I felt it promoted unsafe flying. Rick was not present to accept the award but through emails he has accepted the award and assured me the Rocket Pail will fly someday.

  • Ted Cochran for his successful Level 3 certification and for his work as NAR Presisdent. He was presented with a certificate and a MicroMaxGoblin for his next project. This was a scaled down version of his L3 rocket

  • Outstanding Outreacher Art Gibbens for his great work in Cross Lake.

  • and lastly Jeff presented me with the award certificate for the "Guy We Need The Most".


Free Door Prizes

Here's the list of the prize winners:  [apologies for any misspelled names!]

Group 1 (Age 14 and under) PrizeWinners:  

  • Provided by MASA

    •  Darian LaRose - Quest Totally Tubular kit

    • Ryan Flynn - Quest Full Betty kit

    • Jennifer Jones - Fliskits Long Overdue kit

    • Ethan Erpelding - Custom Fiesta kit

    • Davis [?] - Semroc Mini Optima kit

    • Jace Flansburg - Estes A3-4t engines

    • Jaden Flansburg - Quest Courier kit

    • Blake Grover - Custom Aztec kit

Group 2 (Age 15 and up) Prize Winners:  

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada

    • Sean Flynn - Estes D-Region Tomahawk kit

    • Jenny Baechler - Estes E12-6 engines

  • Provided by MASA

    • Alyssa Taylor - Estes F15-8 engines

    • Alan Estenson - Estes C6-5 engines

    • Jeff Jones - Estes Trajector kit

    • Brian LaRose - Estes F15-4 engines

Congratulations to the winners!  (apologies for any misspelled names)

[Neal Higgins and Alan Estenson]

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