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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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November MASA meeting Hennepin County Brookdale Library

The November, 2013 MASA meeting was held at the Hennepin County Brookdale Library on November 14.  12 people were in attendance.


The next regular club launch is scheduled for Saturday, November 23.  It will be at the Elk River / Otsego VFW soccer fields.  Remember to bring your "snowballs" for the Snowball Fight drag race!

Holiday Party:

The MASA Holiday Party will be on Saturday, December 7 at Bailey Nursey in Newport.  Click on this link for all of the party info!

2014 MASA Officer Nominations:

Nominations opened for 2014 club officers.  For the current list of nominees / candidates, please follow this link!


  • MASA could use more rockets for the Fly-It, Take-It box.  FITI rockets are kept on hand at MASA launches.  Visiting kids may pick out a rocket, are provided with an engine, get to fly it and take it home.  If you would like to build and donate any FITI rockets, please keep them fairly simple and make sure that they can fly on an "A" motor.

  • A discussion was held on the possibility of having more official volunteer positions within MASA.  One suggestion was to have a Club Safety Officer.  Discussions about this idea will continue in January.
  • Neal is looking for nominations for the 2013 Prang Award.  If you remember some "suitable" flights from this year, please send Neal an email!
  • MASA is expecting to receive some NAR Safety Grant money to pay for the PA system equipment replacements/upgrades that were made this summer.
  • Lost rockets - find 'em!  It's important not to leave lost rockets out in crop fields - especially the bigger rockets.  If they get swallowed up by a combine at harvest time, they could cause significant damage!

Nowthen Field Status:

  • (see this page for background info)

  • Summary - the use of the field is still in "limbo", but we are optimistic that things can be worked out in time for next year's flying season.

  • In late October, Neal Higgins and Ted Cochran, along with members of the R/C flying club, met with a member of the Nowthen city council.  The city council member presented information in regards to how the city works and some of the other issues that they are dealing with as the city grows.  He talked about the possibilities of use permits, limits to the hours of operation, and possible signage and ordinances.

  • The R/C club members stated that they would take steps to curtail noise levels in the future.  They did not like the idea of limiting hours of operation since they have some members with illuminated aircraft for night flying.  They stated that their club could not fund high cost permits.

  • MASA presented information about the NAR, our safety record, insurance, and outreach events (including with Nowthen Cub Scouts).  We relayed that we have been flying on the field for 9 years and ~6,000 flights.  We have never had any safety problems, complaints, or issues with the sod farm owner or surrounding land owners.

  • The city council member wants to reach a resolution agreeable to all parties.  This process will likely take some months.

  • As a backup, we discussed the possibility of using the same sod farm near North Branch as Tripoli Minnesota and/or having more combined launches with them.  Also, if MASA members have any suggestions for new flying field locations, please let the club officers know about them!

Show -n- Tell:

  • Sean Flynn - showed a scratchbuilt rocket of his own design.  It has unusual fins made from curved 1/32" plywood.  The rocket is 24mm minimum diameter.

  • [nuts, I forgot your name!  Sorry.  :-( ] - showed a scratchbuilt 3-motor cluster rocket of his own design.  This inspired some discussion about the use of booster motors in the side pods.

  • Jonathan Sullivan - showed an Estes V2.  He used decals from Excelsior and added a baffle.

  • Alan Estenson - showed the new Estes Pro-Series II "Ascender" kit.  He also brought the booster stage that Estes sells to fit these kits and a package of the new Estes 29mm black powder E16 motors.

[Alan Estenson]

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