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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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September MASA meeting Hennepin County Brookdale Library

The September, 2013 MASA meeting was held at the Hennepin County Brookdale Library on September 5.  10 people were in attendance.  MASA VP Jeff Taylor led the meeting.


The next regular club launch is scheduled for Saturday, September 28.


The next meeting is planned for Thursday, October 3.


  • MASA could use more rockets for the Fly-It, Take-It box.  FITI rockets are kept on hand at MASA launches.  Visiting kids may pick out a rocket, are provided with an engine, get to fly it and take it home.  If you would like to build and donate any FITI rockets, please keep them fairly simple and make sure that they can fly on an "A" motor.

  • The annual outreach event to help Cub Scouts in Lino Lakes build and fly rockets will be coming up in October.  More details will be sent out on the email list.  Alan Estenson will be coordinating this outreach.

  • Air Horn Etiquette.  MASA has purchased a small handheld air horn for use by the range safety personnel at launches.  Please remember that it should only be blown in circumstances where there is a strong risk of injury to people.  Blowing it every 17 seconds will just result in everyone ignoring it!

  • If a "Heads up!" is called, everyone who can see the rocket should point to it. That will help others in the area locate the rocket and take appropriate action.

  • The NAR Board of Trustees has adopted a policy that, on NAR ranges, the default launch guide angle shall be 5 degrees (approximately one inch per foot of launch guide) away from spectators. For local conditions and specific rockets, this angle may be reset at the discretion of the RSO.  MASA will be following this policy.

  • NARAM 56 will be held July 26 to August 1, 2014 in Pueblo Colorado.

  • Gary Stroick reminded us of a big Cub Scout event coming up in central Minnesota on October 5.  More help with this big outreach event is needed!

  • The 2nd annual Harvest Regional Contest is planned to coincide with the MASA September launch.  Jon Stenberg will be the Contest Director.  More details will be published on the MASA web site ASAP.  Planned events are:  A SD, 1/2A BG D, B RG D, A HD MR, and random duration.

Show -n- Tell:

  • Alan Estenson brought a small E-flite radio controlled sailplane, the UMX ASK-21 BNF.  This model is currently on clearance (at Hub Hobby and other places) at half of its normal price.  Alan has ideas about boosting it up as a parasite glider attached to a large rocket.


  • Jeff Taylor gave a presentation and demonstration of the Silhouette CameoThis electronic cutting machine is often used for scapbooking purposes, but Jeff uses it for things like cutting paint masks for rockets.  Jeff gave a demonstration of cutting out flame shaped paint masks on frisket film.  The machine can cut things like paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric.  The machine and accessories is available from many sources, including Amazon.

  • Chris Feld gave a presentation on fire extinguishers and fire suppression.

[Alan Estenson]

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