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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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January MASA meeting – Hennepin County Plymouth Library

The first MASA meeting of 2013 was held at the Hennepin County Plymouth Library on January 3. A total of 13 people attended the meeting.


The next regular club launch will be on Saturday, January 26, at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake. It’s currently planned for 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., but the time might change due to the weather. Be sure to watch the email list and our website for final times.


The next meeting is planned for Thursday, February 7 at the Hennepin County Brookdale Library.  Alan Estenson will be making a presentation, "The Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules Missiles, and their history in Minnesota"

2013 MASA Officers:

Since there was only one candidate for each office, MASA tradition and precedent allowed those candidates to be placed directly into office by a majority vote of those club members present at the meeting.  (motion was made and seconded to place the three candidates directly into office)

The 2013 MASA officers are:  President – Neal Higgins; Vice President – Jeff Taylor; Secretary/Treasurer – Chris Feld. 

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for serving!

Reminders & Discussion:

  • 2013 dues for new and renewing members may be paid anytime. Dues have now increased. The PDF membership application has been updated for 2013 and is available on the web site. Online / Paypal membership renewal will be available soon after Alan gets it updated for 2013.
  • Membership badges for 2013 were discussed.  It was decided that Chris Feld would come up with a new design, to be submitted to the other officers for approval.
  • Tripoli MN Prefect Steve Anderson had inquired whether we would be interested in changing our launch weekend from the fourth weekend of the month to the first or third weekend, so as not to launch on the same day as Tripoli Southern MN. It was decided that we would continue with launching on the fourth weekend of the month.
  • The question of whether to set up a MASA PayPal account, or to continue using Neal's was discussed. It was decided that we would continue to use Neals.

Show -n- Tell:

  • Ken Hoyme brought his in-progress Madcow Torrent high power rocket.  It will have an electronics bay and be set up for dual deployment.

  • Rick Vatsaas brought one of his scratchbuilt "cup rockets".  He also had his in-progress flying replica of the MASA logo rocket.  Most parts of it were made on a homebuilt 3D printer.

  • Jeff Taylor showed his Mars Snooper scratchbuilt clone, and his in-progress ~2X upscale Mars Snooper.

  • Ted Cochran brought his BIG nose cone (10.5" diameter) for his Level 3 project.  It is made from Polecat parts, will be 10 feet tall, and is planned to fly on a M2400 at the National Sport Launch this May.

Meeting Topic:

Those present discussed possible meeting topics, launch themes and launch contests for the year.  The 2013 schedule will be up on the web site in the near future.

 A number of meeting topics were suggested:

  1. Safety Review
  2. Dual Deployment
  3. A presentation by Alan Estenson on the Nike Hercules missile, and the various Hercules missile launch sites in the metro area.
  4. A presentation on the benefits of obtaining a HAM radio License.
  5. Fire extinguisher training

"MASA Fun Night" will be held at Alan's house again.  Date TBD.

It was decided that the safety review would be split into two meetings, one to cover the RSO inspection checklist, and the second to discuss the club's current practices, and non flight safety issues, tentatively scheduled for April and June. It was also decided that Alan's Nike Hercules presentation would take place at the February meeting. No other meeting topics were finalized.

Launch themes and fun contests were discussed, it was decided that we need to get more people involved in running the fun contests.


[Chris Feld and Alan Estenson]

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