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Last updated: Jan 2, 2009
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2012 MASA Holiday Party

On Saturday evening, December 18, about 25 MASA members gathered at Bailey's Nursery in Newport for the annual club holiday party.  There was plenty of food to eat and holiday treats to enjoy.


Thanks everyone who came to the party and for all of the great food. MASA supplied turkey and ham.

Thanks Art for setting up the party and for getting us access to the Bailey Nursery meeting room for the event. The room and setup worked out great for the party.

The music played, a year's worth of photo's showed on the screen while all who were there mingled and talked. The food was ready and we all sat down to very good meal.


The annual MASA gift exchange game was once again a popular activity with nearly all the attendees participating.  As usual, there were a couple "hot ticket" items that changed hands a few hundred times.

2012 MASA Year in Review

  • MASA’s 14th year
  • MASA set a record this year with the most total impulse of 44,658, 1314 flights and 1429 motors. We also saw a rise in the use of H, I and J motors. Thanks Gary for being on-site and making it so easy to buy J motors.
  • 12 club launches were held in 2012, including two 2-day regional contests:
    • 1,314+ flights (highest in club history)
    • 1,429+ engines burned (highest in club history)
    • Over $9,000 worth of engines used (a club record!)
    • The total number of MASA flights to date is nearly 14,000!
    • We had 78 high power flights, which is the most ever in one year.
  • MASA held its fourth annual summer regional contest, and its first fall regional contest.
  • The year saw 8 successful L1 flights by Mike Karsten, Jeff Karsten, Brian Uhlenkamp, Adrian LArson, Ryan Foss, Aaron Sheriff, Michael Ferrell (also 1 failed attempt), Allan Grover (also 1 failed attempt).
  • There were also 4 failed L1 attempts by Allan Grover, Michael Ferrell, Kris Frederick and Ron Worth.
  • 2012 also saw several L2 attempts. Allan Grover made 1 failure and 1 successful flight. Glen Overby and Kris Frederick also had failures on their L2 flights but I am sure they will be back next year to try again.

2012 MASSY Awards

Following MASA tradition, club president Neal Higgins presented a few special awards.

  • Prolific Flyer: Alan Estenson with 79 flights. Mike Farrell with 74 flights but that number went to 100 counting his flights at Tripoli.

  • Most Dedicated Flyer: Allan Grover for the distances he is willing to drive to get motors and to fly with us. The prize was a certificate, an 8x10 US map for directions and a bottle of 5 hour energy.

  • The Edge of Wetness: Michael Farrell so many times came back from a rocket hunt soaking wet from fording the ditches or from the sprinklers watering the nearby fields. His prize included a certificate and a small paper hat for him to wear to stay dry.

2012 Prang Awards

Prang of the Year Award:

 The Flansburg Family for 4 Lawn Darts and CATO's

Nominations included:

Breelyn Carlson - Big Betty - CATO
Alan Estenson - Screaming Yellow Zonker - CATO; Fat Boy - No Chute; Cherokee G - Core Sample
Jason Colt - Mim's Arrow - Core sample
Michael Ferrell - Leviathan - Lawn Dart
Chris Feld - 2 lawn darts, 2 no chutes, 2 core samples all on version of his Halo rear eject rockets
Jace Flansburg - Kitbash Kontest rocket - Lawn Dart, Big Daddy - CATO
Jeff Flansburg - EPM 010 - CATO, Initiator - CATO
Owen Frederick - Arachnid - Lawn Dart, The White Rocket - CATO
Kris Frederick - Purple Cow - Core Sample
Art Gibbens - Genesis - CATO
Neal HIggins - Bad Daddy - Lawn Dart, Mini Max - Lawn Dart, Solar Venture - Lawn Dart
Jeff Karsten - Grappler - No Chute
Ben Katzke - Snipe Hunter - Lawn Dart
Kurt Knox - Bandit & V-32 - Core Sample
Stuart Lenz - Pokemon 2 & Ring Fin #2 - CATO, Dragonship 7 & Ozone Research Project II - No Chute
Buzz McDermott - Hydra 7 & Onyx - CATO
Ted Meisner - Mars Lander - Lawn Dart
Doug Reitmeier - Hawk - Lawn Dart
Chuck Ross - Helicat - Lawn Dart
Larry Schwartz - Stretch D Fatboy - No Chute
Aaron Sheriff - Lune R1 - Lawn Dart
Samir Sheriff - Vector (Micromax) - No Chute
Dwayne Schmel - Applewhite Pyramid - CATO
Alyssa Stenberg - 2.5xx Orbital Transport - Lawn Dart
Jeff Taylor - Big Daddy - Lawn Dart, LOC IV - CATO (very spectacular)
Glen Overby - IQSY Tomahawk - Lawn Dart
Rick Vatsaas - Black Adder - Lawn Dart
Anand Vyas - Rose-a-roc - Lawn Dart
Charlie Weisman - NoNamer - No Chute
Dave Whtaker - Centurian & X-15 - Lawn Dart
Ron Wirth - Horn Dog - Lawn Dart, Praetor II - No Chute, Swift BG - Shred

Free Door Prizes

Here's the list of the prize winners:  [apologies for any misspelled names!]

Group 1 (Age 14 and under) PrizeWinners:  

  • Provided by MASA

    • Semroc Sprite kit - Blake Grover

    • Quest Courier kit - Jace Flansburg

    • X-ray kit - Samir Sheriff

Group 2 (Age 15 and up) Prize Winners:  

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada

    • Pyramid Rocketry 9" pyramid kit - Jeff Flansburg

    • Box of 24 Estes C6-5 engines - Philip Gibbens

  • Provided by MASA

    • Estes Leviathan kit - Aaron Sheriff

    • Dremel tool - Jen Flansburg

    • Husky toolbox/organizer - Andy Heren

  • Donated by Ted Cochran:

    • Estes Dark Energy kit - Jeff Taylor

Congratulations to the winners!  (apologies for any misspelled names)

The voting results are in: The dues increase and Bylaws changes were passed by a unanimous YES vote. The membership application with the new dues amounts will be available sometime after the January meeting. The new Bylaws (version 5) have been posted to the website.

[Neal Higgins and Alan Estenson]

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