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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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September MASA meeting Hennepin County Brookdale Library

The September MASA meeting was held at the Hennepin County Brookdale Library on the 6th. A total of 10 people attended the meeting.


The next regular club launch will be on September 22 and 23.  There will be two days of both sport flying and contest flying.  There may be extra visitors on Saturday as it is a Minnesota Aerospace and Aviation Week 2012 - Flight Day Community Event

The theme on Saturday is Missiles & Military Rockets.  The special event is a Mega Mosquito drag race.

Contest info is here.

Events are:

  • A Helicopter Duration
  • 1/2A Boost Glide Duration
  • A Streamer Duration
  • C Rocket Glider Duration
  • A Super-Roc Duration


The next meeting is planned for Thursday, October 4 at the Hennepin County Southdale Library.  For the topic, Neal Higgins will be talking about rocket software - RockSim, Open Rocket, etc.


  •  Big 2-day sport and contest launch coming up later this month!

Show -n- Tell

  • Chris Feld brought his scratchbuilt HALO 38 rocket.  It will use altimeter-based rear ejection.  First flight planned for an H motor.

  • Many boxes and totes of old (and not-so-old) rocket kits were brought to the meeting by an individual looking to sell them.  We had fun looking through the many, many kits.  Nearly everyone ended up buying some.


  • We discussed the logistics and costs associated with having a "porta potty" on site at the sod farm for MASA launches.  A dues increase would be necessary to cover the expense.

  • A short discussion was held about the need to make some updates to the club bylaws.

  • The topic of sparky motors at MASA launches was brought up.  The consensus was to continue NOT permitting sparky motors at MASA launches.

[Alan Estenson]

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