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Last updated: Jan 20, 2009
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

May "Family Fun Night" Ė Maple Grove, May 12, 2012

For the several-th year in a row, Alan Estenson hosted the May club meeting at his home in Maple Grove.  This meeting, build session, and Fun Night kicked off about 5pm.  More than 20 people attended.

There were free rocket kits (provided courtesy of Alan and Hub Hobby Center) for all the kids to build.  There were cookies, lemonade, sloppy joes, macaroni casserole, and all sorts of treats to enjoy.  Thanks to all who brought some potluck goodies!

There were also MASA-themed Qubits for people to build, or take home and build later.

This event also kicked off the 2012 MASA kitbash kontest.  Quest "Force 5" rocket kits were available for participants to purchase for $10.  See below for the Kontest rules.

There was a high score contest held throughout the evening on an original Atari Asteroids arcade game.  At 9pm, the high score table was:

1  18790 KMK
2  15460 IAN
3  15410 NTH
4  15220 STL
5  15160 KMK
6  13570 DAV
7  11960 DAV
8  11460 NTH
9  10560 IAO
10  9640 DAV

First prize went to Kurt Knox, and second prize went to Ian Ross.  Congrats!

After 7:30pm, everyone stopped to try out Alan's collection of restored vintage video arcade games and pinball games.  Retro fun was had by all!

Follow this link for photos from this event.

2012 MASA Kitbash Kontest


The goal of kitbashing is to build a flyable rocket from the parts contained in a particular rocket kit.  However, you donít build the rocket intended to be built from that kit!  Instead, you use your imagination to create a different rocket from those parts.


The donor kit chosen for this year's kitbash is the Quest "Force 5".

This kit will be available at the May meeting for a purchase price of $10 each. I have about a dozen kits available.  They'll be sold first-come, first-served, limit one per person.  You can also acquire one of these kits from other sources.  If I have any left after the meeting, I will bring them to the May 19 launch.


Your mission is to seek inspiration for your kitbash kreation from the 1972 Centuri catalog.

Exactly what you do is up to you!  You just need to draw inspiration for your kitbash design from something in the 1972 Centuri catalog.

Links to plans and such can be found at


  • You may use or not use any and all contents of the kit in your rocket, including the packaging and instructions, at your discretion.
  • You may NOT substitute or add any balsa wood.
  • You may swap out the motor mount tube for one of equal length if you'd prefer to build for a 24mm motor instead of 18mm.  [If you do this, I encourage you to swap out the stock 1/8" launch lug for a 3/16" lug of equal length.]
  • You may add internal material to the nose cone if necessary to ensure stability of your design.
  • You may use any paint and decals that you desire to finish your rocket.
  • You may use a different shock cord than what is included in the kit.
  • You may add a snap swivel to your parachute.
  • You may not add or substitute any other parts.


If you have your Kitbash creation complete and bring it to the club picnic in July, you'll be eligible for a special prize drawing.  Extra bonus points if you fly it at the picnic!


(Alan Estenson)

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