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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

February MASA meeting Science Museum

The second MASA meeting of 2012 was held at the Science Museum in St Paul on February 2. A total of 10 people attended the meeting.


The next regular club launch will be on Saturday, February 25, at Sunrise Middle School in White Bear Lake. Its currently planned for 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m., but the time might change due to the weather. Be sure to watch the email list and our website for final times.   The launch theme is You've Got to Love Rocketry (Valentine's Rockets).


The next meeting is planned for Thursday, March 1 at the Hennepin County Southdale Library in Edina.  The topic will be Safety Review and RSO/LCO Training.

2012 MASA Officers - Secretary/Treasurer Needed:

Gerald Meux received a promotion at work and will be moving to Las Vegas.  This will leave the position of MASA Secretary/Treasurer open.
Nominations for MASA Secretary/Treasurer will open at the February meeting and remain open until February 29th. Nominees will have until March 1st to accept their nomination and become a candidate, or decline their nomination and have their name withdrawn. Nominees do not become candidates until they accept their nomination.

The election/vote will be held at the March 2012 MASA meeting. However, if there is only one candidate for the position when the nomination period closes, MASA custom and precedent allows us to confirm that candidate as your 2012 MASA Treasurer without holding a formal vote.

You may nominate yourself or a fellow club member -  by email to Neal (, or by posting the nomination to the Yahoo email list. Reminder - MASA officers
must be current NAR members and MASA members.

For anyone who is interested, descriptions of the positions are at:


  • 2012 dues for new and renewing members may be paid anytime. Dues remain at $12 family (up to 4 members), $10 individual, and $5 junior. If you choose to have paper copies of the MASA Planet mailed to you, there is an additional $6 fee to cover printing and postage costs. Remember that PDF versions of the Planet are always available for download from the MASA website. The membership application has been updated for 2012 and is available on the website. You may also renew through PayPal.
  • Kurt Knox welcomes your article submissions for the MASA Planet

Show -n- Tell:

  • Jeff Flansburg brought along his custom heavy-duty tripod launch pad.  He made it starting from a tool stand that was on clearance at Menards.  Several other MASA members have gone out and bought some of these tool stands, so we'll probably be seeing them at MASA launches this year.

  • Alan Estenson brought along his "30th Anniversary Rocketry Memento" - the original Estes invoice from his first model rocketry purchase in February of 1982.

Meeting Topic:

The meeting topic was a discussion, led by Alan Estenson on "Most everything that you ever wanted to know about Level 1 and 2 high power certification".

Areas discussed included suitable rocket kits, motor types & sizes, parachutes, the use of tubular nylon, motor retention, past certifications at MASA launches, and a lot more.

A PDF file of the meeting handout is available for download:  L1-L2 cert meeting handout -Feb 2 2012.pdf

Your other excellent source for info on the certification process is the NAR web site,

Thanks to all who participated, and to those who brought in example high power rockets.

[Alan Estenson]

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