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Last updated: July 20, 2009
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

MASA summer picnic 2011

Lots of MASA members gathered on Saturday, July 16, at the Elk River & Rogers VFW post  for the 14th annual MASA summer picnic. 

Due to the heat, the couple hours of afternoon rocket launching were called-off.  Undaunted, a large number of people still turned out for the picnic.

There was an enormous quantity of delicious food and picnic treats.  Art Gibbens and Stuart Lenz watched over the grill.  Neal Higgins roasted mass quantities of sweet corn for all to enjoy.

After everyone was done eating, a special Qubit Build-It Fly-It race was held.  The race involved constructing a cardstock Qubit, successfully launching it, and then bringing it back to the finish line.  About 10 rocketeers of all ages participated.  The first couple Qubits to the launch pads suffered from a lack of sufficient glue-drying time, and they didn't fly successfully.  Having the motor fly through the Qubit was a common problem.  However, a number of the Qubits did fly!

The winners of the 2011 Qubit Build-It Fly-It Competition were:

  • Youth 1st place - Lance Murphy
  • Youth 2nd place - Hunter Anderson
  • Adult 1st place - Kevin Anderson
  • Adult 2nd place - Ellison Lenz

Congratulations!  The 1st place winners each went home with a trophy, Custom "Scavenger" rocket kit, and a pack of Estes D12-5 engines.  The 2nd place winners each went home with a rocket kit.  Thanks to Hub Hobby Center of Little Canada and MASA for sponsoring the prizes.

Lots of prizes!

At about 7:30 pm, drawings were held for the free "door" prizes.  There were a HUGE number of prizes, and everybody who stayed for (and entered) the drawing went home with a prize.  Thanks to all the businesses and individuals who donated prizes!  Here's the list of who donated the door prizes and who won them:  [apologies for any misspelled names!]

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada:

    • Pack of Estes D12-5 engines - Cheryl Anderson

    • Pack of Quest A8-3 engines - Jeff Taylor

    • Semroc "Squire" kit - Corey Bedford

    • Quest "Terrier-Orion" kit - Ken Hoyme

    • Quest "Force 5" kit - Art Gibbens

    • Estes "Spin Control" RTF rocket with engines - Renee Gibbens

    • Estes "Spin Control" RTF rocket with engines - Julie Hoyme

  • Provided by MASA:

    • 6-pack of Estes C6-5 engines - Scott Murphy

    • Estes "Photon Probe" kit - Ellison Lenz

    • Estes "Laser Lance" kit - Mike Erpelding

    • Guillow's "Flying Machine" balsa airplane - McKenna Taylor

    • Semroc "Launch Missile" kit - Kevin Bedford

    • Buzz Lightyear kite, "Turbo Jet 2000" foam glider, MiTi kit - Kari Kieger

    • Transformers kite, Frisbee, Softball - Austin Whitaker

    • Water Rocket Set - Ethan Erpelding

    • Pack of Estes D12-5 engines - Don Boe

    • Pack of Estes D12-5 engines - Neal Higgins

    • Bottle of thick CA - Renee Gibbens

    • Bottle of thin CA - Kevin Bedford

  • Donated by Carol and Ben:

    • Quest "Sprint" kit - McKenna Taylor

    • 6-pack of Estes C6-5 engines - Kevin Anderson

    • Pack of Estes B6-4 engines - Caleb Boe

  • Donated by Alan Estenson:

    • "Space Buddies" DVD - Jeff Taylor

    • "Space Buddies" DVD - Julie Hoyme

    • "Space Buddies" DVD - Lilia Bedford

    • Fisher Space Pen - Ben Ericksen

  • Donated by various and anonymous sources:

    • Quest "Future Launch Vehicle" kit - Gerald Meux

    • Custom "Ion Pulsar" kit - Alyssa Taylor

    • Estes "Mini Max" kit - Hunter Anderson

    • Quest Q2G2 igniters - Lance Murphy

    • Top Flight 15" parachute - Scott Murphy

    • Top Flight 18" parachute - Kevin Anderson

    • FlisKits Deuces Wild Dual Canted 18mm motor mount kit - Stuart Lenz

    • Quest "Grunt" kit - Buzz McDermott

    • Apollo EECOM book - Ben Ericksen

    • Laika book - Aimee Whitaker

    • Toob 'Oh kit - David Whitaker

  • Donated by Dwayne Shmel:

    • Sunward "Khufu's Pyramid" kit - Glenn Bedford

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Richfield:

    • Pack of Estes C6-5 engines - David Whitaker

    • Pack of Estes C6-7 engines - Caleb Boe

  • Donated by Gerald Meux:

    • Aerotech G77 SU motor - Alissa Hoyme

  • Donated by Mark Thell:

    • FlisKits "Tri-Glide" kit - Lance Murphy

    • Estes "X-Ray" kit - Glenn Bedford

    • Estes "SR-71" kit - Hieu Murphy

    • Estes "Pathfinder" kit - Lyle Merdan

    • BMS "Astron Invader" kit - Stuart Lenz

  • Donated by Chutes by Boe

    • parachute - Lyle Merdan

    • parachute - Mike Erpelding

  • Donated by Stuart Lenz of Micro Classics

    • Two Micro Classics kits - Levi Anderson

(Alan Estenson)

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