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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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June MASA meeting – Science Museum of Minnesota, June 2, 2011

The June MASA meeting was held at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Thursday, June 2, 2011. A total of 13 people attended.


Two students from the Inver Thrills USLI team attended the meeting as part of a presentation about the USLI competition.

The MASA Summer Regional and sport launch is Saturday and Sunday, June 4-5 at the Nowthen sod farm. The waiver will be open on at least one of the days.

The Summer Solstice launch is planned for Saturday, June 18, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the VFW soccer field in Otsego.

The next regular club launch will be on Saturday, June 25, at the Nowthen sod farm. The theme is “Patriotic.”

The next meeting date is Thursday, August 2, at the Science Museum. The topic is “NARAM 53 discussion.” NOTE: We will not have a meeting on the first Thursday of July, due to the club picnic being held in July.


  • Outreach events (always check email list or website for updates as dates may change):
    • Tuesday, June 7 – Westwood School launch, 1:45 p.m., at Westwood School in Blaine
    • Monday, June 13 – launch for home school group, 6:30 p.m., at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton
    • Thursday, June 16 – launch for Cub Scout group, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., at Eden Prairie High School
  • National Event Reminder - NARCON is March 12-13 in Seattle, NSL is June 10-12 in Lucerne Valley, CA, and NARAM is July 23-29 in Lebanon, OH (near Cincinnati). NARAM hotel info is on-line at
  • The club picnic is being planned for Saturday, July 16th. There will lots of food, a couple of fun contests, and door prizes! The 2011 Picnic website will be up soon…
  • If you’re planning a high power certification attempt, please notify Carol in advance so we can make there’s a cert team available. Also, if you’re planning an L2 attempt, please contact Carol to make arrangements to take the L2 exam.
  • Reminder that Jeff needs articles for the MASA Planet! We really need contributions from across the club, and no contribution is too small! Ideas include kit reviews, build articles, techniques and tips, new products, old products with a new use, etc.
  • Treasury – club funds and membership levels remain in good shape.

Show ‘n tell:

Rick V brought along a rocket that he’s making out of a large Christmas decoration. David W brought along 2 vintage kits to share with the group – an MPC kit (I can’t recall the specific model) and a Vaughn Brothers Buzzard.

Meeting Topic #1: MASA Summer Regional

Alan led a discussion about the upcoming MASA Summer Regional. He reviewed each of the planned events, including basic contest rules and rules that are specific to each event.

Meeting Topic #2: Inver Thrills USLI Team

Caleb, Colin, and Jon, of the Inver Thrills USLI team, shared their experiences from the NASA USLI competition. They presented information on the USLI competition and requirements, talked about the challenges they faced, shared video from their on-board camera, and showed off the various parts of their team-designed rocket. Very cool stuff!!

A more detailed description of the USLI competition, courtesy of the Inver Thrills team website:

The Inver Thrills USLI team is one of 33 team competing in the 2010-2011 NASA University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) competition. The competition involves designing, building, and flying a high power rocket (usually 10-15ft tall) that will carry a scientific payload up to a mile high. The scientific payload must contain some sort of scientific experiment on-board. Examples of science experiments include measuring the vertical temperature profile or monitoring the strain on the rocket structure during flight. Throughout the 8-month process, the teams are required to write three reports detailing progress of the rocket's design. In addition to each written report, teams will give a Power Point presentation to a panel of NASA engineers via video teleconference. Each team will travel to Huntsville, AL April 13th-18th, 2011 to fly their rocket in the presence of NASA engineers. The USLI competition follows the same process that a NASA engineer would follow on an actual NASA project. Through this competition, students learn and apply many skills including rocketry, electronics, computer skills, teamwork, engineering, math, science, physics, meteorology, and communication skills.”

For more information on the Inver Thrill USLI team, please visit their website at

[Alan Estenson]

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