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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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April MASA meeting – Buzz McDermott's house, April 7, 2011

Two students from the U of M, who are leading a First Nation Launch rocket team, attended the meeting to discuss their rocketry project and meet club members. 

The next regular club launch will be on Saturday, April 23, at the Nowthen sod farm (weather permitting). 

The next meeting date is Friday, May 13th, at Alan’s house (“Alan’s Arcade”).  There will be a few fun rocketry projects to work on, treats to share, and lots of rocket conversation.  After a few hours of rocket fun, Alan will open up Alan’s Arcade for a few hours of pinball and video game fun.


  • The 2011 MASA membership drive is closed.  We had approximately 80 people either renew their membership or sign up as a new member.  The drawing for two $10 Hub gift cards was held at the meeting; the winners were Stuart Lenz and Espen Federick.  Thank you to everyone who participated! 
  • National Model Rocket Day - Starlight Model Rockets has declared May 14, 2011 to be National Model Rocket
    Day. This is the second year for this event. 

  • Outreach events:

    • Tuesday, May 3 – build session for home school group, in New Brighton area

    • Tuesday, May 10 – launch for home school group, at Long Lake Regional Park

    • Saturday, May 14 – Space Day with Girl Scout group, in Willmar

    • Sunday, May 15 – launch with Boy Scout group, at Long Lake Regional Park (returning group)

  • National Event Reminder - NARCON is March 12-13 in Seattle, NSL is June 10-12 in Lucerne Valley, CA, and NARAM is July 23-29 in Lebanon, OH (near Cincinnati).  NARAM hotel info is on-line at

  • Reminder that we are starting a club FiTi, beginning this month.  Please contact me if you’re willing to donate a rocket and/or motor for this program.  Prefer new/never flown rockets, and A/B/C only motors.   We have some Estes Alpha III and Quest Astra III kits available to build for the club FiTi.  The only request is that the paint color be changed so we don’t have a large selection of rockets that look exactly the same.  (note:  we’ve received a nice selection of rockets for the FiTi program, but we are still in need of a few motor donations.)  Thanks to everyone who has built and donated rockets so far!
  • Reminder that Jeff needs articles for the MASA Planet!  We really need contributions from across the club, and no contribution is too small!  Ideas include kit reviews, build articles, techniques and tips, new products, old products with a new use, etc.
  • Treasury – club funds and membership levels are in good shape.   

Show ‘n tell:

  • Gerald Meux, Jr., brought along his SPAM rocket to share with the attendees.  No, it’s not based on computer spam… it’s decorated in SPAM colors (complete with SPAM decals) in honor of Gerald’s employer, Hormel.

Meeting Topic:
Airbrushing – Jeff Taylor and Buzz McDermott

After the business portion of the meeting, MASA members Jeff Taylor and Buzz McDermott led a discussion and demo on airbrushing.  Jeff and Buzz explained the various compressors, airbrush accessories, and paints that are available.  Jeff also painted (airbrushed) rockets for anyone who had brought along a completed model.  Many members brought along their own air compressors and airbrush accessories. 

[Carol Marple]

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