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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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September Meeting Report

The September MASA meeting was held on the 2nd at ASE in Plymouth. Thanks to Alan for hosting! Approximately 12 people attended.

The next club launch will be on Saturday, September 4, at the Nowthen sod farm, to make up for the cancelled August launch. The theme is "A Day at the Races." Special events include the 12th Annual Great UFO drag race; the 9th Annual Commanche-3 drag race, and a "Back to School" crayon rocket drag race.

The next regular club launch is planned for Saturday, September 25 at Nowthen. The theme is "Walk on the Wild Side." Special events include a Deuces Wild drag race, a Deuces Wild beauty contest, and cluster drag races.

The next club meeting will be on Thursday, October 7, at the Science Museum. The topic will be a discussion of reload casings and reload motors.


  • Congratulations to Jeff Taylor, MASA Planet Editor, for winning the LAC Newsletter Award/Trophy for the 3rd year in a row!! Thank you to everyone who has submitted articles, photos, etc., this past year.
  • NARAM 52 Fly-it/Take-it - A HUGE thank you to everyone who built and donated rockets to the NARAM 52 FiTi. We donated 50 rockets to this year's event.
  • Safety Grant - We requested and received a NAR Safety Grant in the amount of $216, to be used toward the purchase of a "smokechaser," an air horn and refills, and a new first aid kit. The NAR recently announced another round of safety grants, so we will be applying for additional funds to cover the purchase of another set of PA speakers, additional fence posts and rope, plus a few miscellaneous items.
  • NAR Membership Drive - The drive ended on July 31st, with approximately 4850 total members (an increase of 400 members). This is the highest membership level since 2002.
  • We've had a large number of members achieve their L1 and L2 high power certifications this summer:
    L1 - Steve Brown, Art Gibbens, Caleb Griswold, Ken Hoyme, Bob Moyle, and Dave Schaffhausen
    L2 - Caleb Boe, Todd Carpenter, David Gensler, Neal Higgins, Carol Marple, and Dwayne Shmel
    (in the first 10 years of MASA, approximately 25 people achieved their L1 or L2 cert; we've certified an additional 12 people just this summer)
  • MASA Planet - Jeff is still (always) looking for articles for the Planet newsletter.
  • WSMC in Serbia - Todd Schweim and Caleb Boe attended the WSMC in Serbia.
  • Membership Update - Our membership levels are strong, with approximately 110 members registered, including new members from Iowa and Illinois.
  • Treasury - Club funds remain in good shape.
  • Sirius Rocketry - David Miller of Sirius Rocketry is offering a 10% discount to all MASA members through early December.
  • Off We Go Rocketry - Tim Melody of Off We Go Rocketry is offering a 10% rebate to the club for all purchase made by MASA members. The 10% rebate will be in the form of a donation to the club, made at the end of the year.

Show and Tell:

  • Dwayne Shmel brought an Altimeter One that he purchased at NARAM. The Altimeter One is an easy-to-use, USB-style altimeter. They are currently available only through Apogee (for about $50), though there are plans make them available through retail sources. Hub is planning to carry the Altimeter One once they're available.
  • Ken Hoyme mentioned Aerotech's recent announcement of a "Delay Drill Tool." Alan plans to stock these at Hub as soon as they're available.
  • Rick Vatsaas showed off a neat "Der Red Max styled" rocket that he built using a coffee cup.
  • Alan Estenson shared an MPR-capable launch pad he designed, at a cost of about $12. Look for a feature article in the upcoming issue of the MASA Planet.  Alan also brought a newly built Quest "Planet Probe".
  • Carol Marple brought her PML Endeavour "Rocket Girl" which she used for her successful L2 cert flight at NARAM 52.

Meeting Topic:
The topic for this month's meeting was a discussion of NARAM 52, a discussion of the World Spacemodeling Championship, and the viewing of the LAC Newsletter Trophy and Annex box.

Jeff Taylor, Dwayne Shmel, and Carol Marple shared many pictures from NARAM 52. Carol showed off the medal that was given to each person who achieved their L1 or L2 HPR cert at NARAM.  Caleb Boe shared the impressive hardware he brought home from NARAM 52 (1st in 1/4A BG, 1st in R&D, and 3rd overall in B Division). Also, Buzz McDermott placed 4th in B Streamer (C Division), and Daniel Boe placed 3rd in 1/4A BG (B Division). Jeff presented the LAC Newsletter Trophy to the group, and everyone had a chance to view the contents of the super-secret Annex Box.

Caleb discussed his trip to the World Spacemodeling Championship in Serbia. He mentioned that the days were very long, which included breakfast at 6 a.m., departing the hotel at 7:00 a.m., being at the field all day, and finally eating dinner at 9:00 p.m. Don Boe told a story of helping to recover parachute duration rockets that had drifted nearly 6 miles away. They both had an amazing time and have many more stories (and a lot of pictures) to share.

[Carol Marple]

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