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Last updated: July 20, 2009
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MASA summer picnic (7/17/2010)

MASA members gathered on Saturday, July 17, at the Elk River & Rogers VFW post  for the 13th annual MASA summer picnic. 

Approximately 30 MASA members gathered on Saturday, July 17, at the Elk River & Rogers VFW post for the 13th annual MASA summer picnic.  The site was the VFW soccer complex where occasional MASA launches are held. 

Although the weather forecasts initially looked promising for a picnic (though hot and muggy), the storm clouds quickly rolled in.  Rocket launching began around 2:00, but was put on hold around 2:15 due to lightning.  After waiting nearly an hour for the weather to improve, the launch was officially called off at 3:00 and the picnic began around 3:30.

Todd Schweim brought his "grill on a trailer," and he and Art quickly grilled hot dogs for the crowd.  And, Neal brought his propane corn-on-the-cob smoker, and made a whole batch of steamed/smoked, mouth-watering corn-on-the-cob for the group.  As always, there was a lot of food and a lot of hungry people! 

Although Mother Nature didn't give us perfect rocket launching weather, she did provide us with a really cool lightning strike about 200 yards from the picnic shelter. 


This was also an official MASA launch.  The launch report tells that side of the story.  A misfire-alley range was set up on the soccer fields.  Launching began about 2:00 pm and ended a mere 15 minutes and 7 flights later due to a thunderstorm. 

Lots of prizes!

At about 6:00 pm, drawings were held for the free "door" prizes.  There were a HUGE number of prizes, and everybody who stayed for (and entered) the drawing went home with a prize.  Thanks to everyone who donated prizes!  Here's the list of who donated the door prizes and who won them:  [apologies for any misspelled names!]

  • Donated by Hub Little Canada:

    • FlisKits USS Grissom - Julie Hoyme

    • Quest Courier - Ted Cochran

    • Quest Terrier-Orion - Jeff Taylor

    • Quest MLAS - Cindy Whittaker

    • Estes Speed Freak w/engines - Ben Ericksen

    • Estes Spin Control w/engines - Dave Schaffhausen

  • Provided by MASA:

    • Semroc Golden Scout - Neal Higgins

    • Estes Renegade-D - Dwayne Shmel

    • Estes Cosmic Cobra - Hieu Murphy  (I need to verify the spelling of her first name)

    • Estes Skywriter - Nancy Schaffhausen

    • Estes Taser Twin - Levi Anderson

    • 1 oz. bottle of CA - Amy Whittaker

    • One pack of D12-5 engines - Dave Fergus

    • Six Estes C6-5 engines w/igniters - Mike Erpelding

    • Six Estes C6-5 engines w/igniters - Lance Murphy

  • Donated by Ken Jarosch:

    • Semroc Sky Hook - Hunter Anderson

    • Sunward Rocket Glider - John Carlson

  • Donated by Alan Estenson:

    • MASA cap - Scott Murphy

  • Donated by Carol/Ben:

    • Estes Patriot - Ken Hoyme

    • Estes Guardian - Ethan Erpelding

  • Donated by Dwayne Shmel:

    • Estes Blue Ninja - Lyle Merdan

  • Donated by Ted Cochran:

    • ARV Condor - Susan Shmel

  • Donated by Hub Richfield:

    • Estes Eagle - Austin Whittaker

    • Estes Stratocruiser - Todd Schweim

    • Estes Phoenix Bird - Cheryl Anderson

    • Estes Cosmic Explorer - Kevin Anderson

    • Estes Reflector - Alissa Hoyme

    • Pack of Estes D12-7 engines - Rick Vatsaas

    • Pack of Estes D12-7 engines - Andy Heren

    • Pack of Estes B6-4 engines - David Whittaker

  • Donated by Lyle Merdan:

    • Blast Deflector - Lance Murphy

    • Blast Deflector - Dwayne Shmel

    • Blast Deflector - Amy Whittaker

    • Blast Deflector - Rick Vatsaas

    • Blast Deflector - Neal Higgins

    • Blast Deflector - Kevin Anderson

    • Blast Deflector - Alissa Hoyme

    • Blast Deflector - Mike Erpelding

    • Blast Deflector - Dave Fergus

(Carol Marple)

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