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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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April Meeting Report

The April MASA meeting was held on the 1st at the Science Museum in St. Paul.  Approximately 10 people attended.

Launch: The next club launch will be on Saturday April 24, at the Nowthen sod farm, if the weather cooperates.  A theme and special events will be announced prior to the launch.

Meeting:  The next club meeting will be a build session at Alan's house.  A date and time will be announced soon.


  • NAR Membership Drive - remember that the "52 by 52" NAR membership driveRruns through the end of July.  The NAR is offering a bonus of $5 per member for each new member recruited by a current member (they must include your name on their application), plus the new member will receive freebies worth more than $30.

  • Outreach opportunities: 
    April 15 - outreach launch with 5-7 Girl Scouts.
    Late April (date TBD) - build session and launch with Girl Scout group.

  • MASA Planet - Jeff is still looking for articles for the Planet newsletter. 

  • NARAM 52 Fly-It/Take-It donations - the deadline is the June MASA launch.  If you are building one or more rockets for the FiTi, please let Carol know. 

  • MASA's 2nd regional contest - our second regional contest is planned for June 5 and 6 at Nowthen.  A sport launch will be held both days in conjunction with the contest, and the waiver will be in place on Saturday (only).  Please note that contest flying will take priority over all other flying.  Watch the web site for the details.

  • WSMC Fundraiser and Launch - Todd Schweim and Caleb Boe will be heading to Serbia this summer as members of the U.S. FAI Spacemodeling Team.  A fundraiser dinner and auction, plus a rocket launch/demo, will be held on May 23 at the Chateau St. Croix Winery. Details will be posted on the email list and the website.

  • HPR "Cert Day" - several people are planning their HPR certification flight within the next few months.  We will hold a special event at the May launch (and possibly June launch) for anyone who is ready for their certification flight.  A "cert tent" will be set up to give the cert flyers some quiet space to work with their cert team. 

  • Off We Go Rocketry - Tim Melody of Off We Go Rocketry is offering a 10% rebate to the club for all purchase made by MASA members.  The 10% rebate will be in the form of a donation to the club, made at the end of the year.

An Introduction to Electronic Recovery
The evening's meeting topic was an introduction to using electronic recovery in rockets.  Glen Overby explained the various options for using electronic recovery, showed examples of avionics bays and methods of installing alimeters, and passed around different types of altimeters for the group to look at. 

[Carol Marple]

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