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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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March Meeting Report

The March 2010 MASA meeting was held on the 4th at the Science Museum in St. Paul.

A total of 20 people attended the meeting.  This was the biggest meeting turnout in some years!

Launch: The next club launch will be on Saturday March 27,  at the VFW soccer fields near Elk River.  This will be a misfire-alley style launch.  Local TARC teams are welcome to come and make qualification flight attempts.  There will also be discussion about adding an extra launch opportunity for TARC teams.

Meeting:  The next club meeting will be April 1 at the Science Museum.  Glen Overby will be talking about electronic recovery and electronic payloads.


  • Remember the NAR membership drive - "52 by 52"

  • Outreach:  There are several upcoming opportunities to help in outreach launches with Girl Scout groups.  More outreach events will be coming up in April.  Keep an eye on the mailing list for more details.

  • Remember to keep sending stuff Jeff's way for upcoming issues of the Planet newsletter.

  • Keep working on those Fly-It / Take-It donations for NARAM 52.  If you are building one or more rockets for the FiTi, please let Carol know.

  • MASA's 2nd regional contest is planned for the first weekend in June.  Watch the web site for the details.

  • MASA S/T Jason Colt reported that over 80 members have joined or renewed their MASA memberships so far this year.

  • The MASA membership incentive drawing was held.  The names of everyone who had joined MASA or renewed memberships for 2010 were placed in a hat.  The two winners of $10 gift cards to Hub Hobby Center were:  Laura Carpenter and Cindy Whitaker!

  • Todd Schweim and Caleb Boe will be heading to Serbia this summer as members of the U.S. FAI Spacemodeling Team.  Todd let us know that a winery in St Croix Falls will be holding a fundraiser to help raise money to pay for their trip expenses.  They'd like to fly some rockets during the fundraiser, so he'll be looking for some MASA members who are willing to come and help out.  He'll make more details available at a later date.

  • NARCON is coming up on March 13-14 in Worcester, MA.  At least two MASA members are planning to attend.

  • Several MASA members are already making plans to attend NARAM 52 in Pueblo, CO.

Show and tell:

  • Lyle Merdan showed an Aerotech parts guide tray that he made.
  • Jeff Taylor showed his mega-cool Steampunk ACME Spitfire.
  • David Whitaker showed the A-10 boost glider that he made from plans in Sport Rocketry magazine.

Level 1 and Level 2 High Power Certification

The evening's meeting topic was on Level 1 and Level 2 high power certification.  Alan Estenson lead the discussion.  Many people brought along high power rockets to the meeting.

If you missed the meeting, or didn't get a copy of the packet, you may download a PDF of it:  L1 and L2 cert meeting handout March 4 2010.pdf

Of these in attendance, about half had their L1's and three had their L2's already.  Several people in attendance were planning on pursuing their L1 and/or L2.

Over the years, there have been 24 Level 1 certification attempts at MASA launches.  22 of those were successful.  The most popular motor used has been the Aerotech H128.

A bit over an hour was spent on the topic.  Alan went through some tips and recommendations, talked about motors and rockets, and discussed the certification processes and the L2 written test.  There was a lot of good discussion and questions.

Lots of information on Level 1 and Level 2 certifications may be found on the NAR web site.

[Alan Estenson]

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