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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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January Meeting Report

The January 2010 MASA meeting was held on the 7th at the Science Museum

A total of 12 people attended the meeting.

Launch: The next club launch will be on Saturday, January 23 at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake.  This will be a mod-roc launch (max 1 lb).

Meeting:  The next club meeting will be Thursday, February 4 at the Science Museum.

2010 MASA Officers

  • Since there was only one candidate for each club office, MASA tradition & precedent allowed those candidates to be placed directly into office by a majority vote of acclamation of those club members present at the meeting.
  • A motion was made and seconded to place the three officer candidates directly into office and skip the electoral vote.  This motion was approved by a unanimous oral vote of all present.
  • The 2010 MASA club officers are:  President - Carol Marple, Vice President - Neal Higgins, Secretary/Treasurer - Jason Colt.  Congratulations, and thank you!

Dues:  2010 dues for new and renewing members may be paid anytime.  Dues remain at $12 family, $10 individual, and $5 junior.  If you choose to have paper copies of the Planet newsletter mailed to you, there is an additional fee of $6 to cover printing and postage.  (PDF versions of the Planet are always available for download from the MASA web site.)  The membership forms will be updated ASAP with Jason's address.

Treasurer's Report:  Prior to transitioning duties and transferring funds to Jason, outgoing Secretary/Treasurer Rick Vatsaas reported the status of the club treasury.  He also reported the 2009 membership levels:  30 Family Memberships, 18 Single Memberships, 2 Junior Memberships = 60 unique memberships.  115 persons are listed as Single, Junior, or Family memberships.

Planet:  Jeff welcomes submissions of content for the next issue of the newsletter.

Show and tell:

  • Alan Estenson showed a miniature video "gum" camera and the old "Fat Boy" rocket that he modified to carry it.
  • Neal Higgins also had a gum camera and a pen camera.
  • Rick Vatsaas showed a Der Red Max styled "cup rocket" that he is scratchbuilding.
  • Dave Schaffhausen showed his "Kawasaki" scratchbuilt high power rocket.

Part of the meeting was spent brainstorming ideas for meetings and launches this year.  (Thanks to all who submitted ideas!)

Meeting Ideas

  • Steampunkin' - discussion and show-n-tell
  • Baby Bertha kitbash with a steampunk theme (part of the Steampunkin' meeting)
  • L1/L2 certification discussion
  • NARTREK program
  • UFO building
  • Outreach/TARC mentoring
  • RMS
  • Safety - LCO/RSO, plus training on using the range equipment
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Contests/Competitions - events, how to prepare, etc.
  • RockSim
  • "other" kitbash - general, goony-themed, etc.
  • Electronic deployment (Glen has volunteered to lead this meeting. Thanks, Glen!)

Launch ideas

  • Viper drag race
  • Other drag races
  • Comanche-3 drag race
  • Clusters
  • Multi-stage
  • Duece/Tres drag race
  • July "4th" launch with a patriotic theme
  • High-power "smackdown"
  • Cameras
  • Hey, It's Snowing! (more details on this shortly)
  • Holiday-themed rockets (Halloween, Christmas tree, etc.)
  • "Beauty" contests (for rockets, not club members!)

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