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Last updated: Feb 21, 2009
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Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November Meeting Minutes (11/7/2009)

The November 2009 MASA meeting was held on the 5th at the Science Museum

Turnout was very light with only 3 people attending the meeting.

Next Launch: The next regular launch will be November 21 (one week earlier than normal) at the VFW soccer fields near Elk River.  This will be misfire alley - no community pads will be set up.

Next Meeting:  The next regular meeting will be on January 7 (location TBD).  Suggestions for a topic are needed!  The election will be held for 2010 MASA officers.

Holiday Party:  The MASA holiday party will be held on Saturday, December 12 at the Chaska Community Center.  See the holiday party page for all the info.

2010 MASA Officer Nominations

Nominations for 2010 MASA officers opened at the meeting.  Nominations will remain open through the date of the next MASA launch, November 21. During that period, nominees are asked to either officially accept their nomination and become a candidate, or decline their nomination and have their name withdrawn. Nominees must be MASA
members and senior NAR members. If, at the end of the nomination period, there is not a minimum of one candidate per office, then nominations will remain open for one additional week to allow time for arm-twisting.  You may nominate someone for an office by sending Alan an email directly, or by posting to the masarocketry mailing list. You may nominate yourself.  A description of the officer's duties is located here.  If you have any questions, please ask!

The election will be held at the January 2010 MASA meeting.

The nominees thus far are:


  • Carol Marple [Candidate]

Vice President

  • Jeff Taylor [withdrawn]

  • Neal Higgins [Candidate]


  • Rick Vatsaas [Incumbent] [retiring]

  • Jason Colt [Candidate]


  • The October launch was a success with a lot of flights and nice weather.  The "high power smackdown" drag races were a lot of fun!

  • As always, contributions to the Planet newsletter are welcomed by Jeff!

  • The recent Cub Scout outreach build & fly went well. 

Show & Tell

  • Alan Estenson brought along an Estes E2 Launch Controller that he recently bought on ebay (NOS & NIB).  He also showed off some LED lamps that are a direct substitution for the incandescent bulbs in the Estes Electron Beam launch controller.  He may be selling these LED lamps at Hub Hobby in the future.

  • Ted Cochran showed the nifty padside box that he built.  It provides continuity check and pad power disconnect.

"Winter Challenge"

Most of us have a stash of rocket kits that we intend to build "some day". I'm issuing a challenge to start at this meeting. Pick out one of those kits.  One that you've been really wanting to build but just haven't gotten around to it. Bring it with you to the meeting to show it off. Then, actually build it over the winter, and fly it at the April 2010 MASA launch!
We'll have a drawing for prizes amongst those who complete the challenge.

Challenge Participants:

  • Rick Vatsaas:  Semroc SST Shuttle
  • Alan Estenson:  Pemberton "Bucky Jones Space Cadet"
  • Ted Cochran:  Kosrox Saturn 1B

Let's see some more people participating!

(Alan Estenson)

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