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Last updated: Feb 21, 2009
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October Meeting Minutes (10/2/2009)

The October 2009 MASA meeting was held on the 1st at the Science Museum

Turnout was light with 4 people attending the meeting.

Next Launch: The next regular launch will be October 24 at the sod farm near Nowthen.  The launch theme is "odd-rocs".  This will be the last launch of the year at the sod fields.

Next Meeting:  The next meeting will be on November 5 at the Science Museum.  Suggestions for a topic are needed!  Nominations will open for 2010 MASA officers.


  • The September launch was a success with 184 flights and nice weather.

  • An Outreach opportunity with Cub Scouts in Lino Lakes is coming up in a few weeks.  There will be a build session on October 20 and a launch on October 25.  More info will be sent out on the email list.

  • As always, contributions to the Planet newsletter are welcomed by Jeff!

  • Planning for the December holiday party has started.  The date will be announced soon.

"Falling with Style" - a roundtable discussion of boost gliders and rocket gliders

The evening's discussion was all about rockets with a gliding recovery - the various types and styles of boost gliders and rocket gliders.  For example, pop-pod, scissor wing, flex wing,

Alan Estenson brought several examples from Edmonds Aerospace - Deltie, Deltie B, Tinee, CiCi, and Ecee.  David Whitaker also brought a CiCi along with a Quest Flat Cat and a Squirrel Works Red Baron.

Edmonds offers all sorts of boost/rocket gliders.  Most are very easy to build, inexpensive, and fly nicely.  They also offer some models that are higher performance, more challenging to build, and contest-oriented.  We talked about kit offerings from various other companies, too - Estes, Quest, Semroc, Squirrel Works, etc.

We also briefly discussed radio controlled rocket-boosted sailplanes.

For more information on glide recovery of model rockets, see Chapter 13 in the Handbook of Model Rocketry.

(Alan Estenson)

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