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Last updated: Jan 20, 2009
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

January Meeting Minutes (1/20/2009)

The January 2009 MASA meeting was held on the 8th at Aero Systems Engineering in Plymouth.

A total of 5 people attended the meeting.

Next Launch: The next regular launch will be on Saturday, January 24 at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake.  This will be a mod-roc launch (max 1 lb).

Next Meeting:  The date and location of the February meeting will be announced soon.  The topic will be "Ground Support Equipment".  In particular, we will be discussing homemade launch controllers and pads.

Meeting Locations:  We discussed various known and potential options for MASA meeting locations for 2009.

Waiver:  Our waiver application for the Nowthen sod field site is in progress.  The FAA will be issuing it after the new FAR changes take effect in February.

Dues:  2009 dues for new and renewing members may be paid anytime.  Dues remain at $12 family, $10 individual, and $5 junior.  If you choose to have paper copies of the Planet newsletter mailed to you, we are asking for an additional $6 to cover printing and postage.  (PDF versions of the Planet are always available for download from the MASA web site.)

NARAM Fly-It / Take-It:  Remember to build a rocket (or two) this winter to donate for kids to fly and take home with them at NARAM 51. 

NSL:  Memorial Day weekend in Wisconsin.  Road trip!

Show and tell:

  • Lyle Merdan brought several kits from his to-build pile:  Alway Saturn V, Zooch Saturn V, Qmodeling WAC Corporal.  He also brought some balsa nose cones that he custom turned.
  • Tim Barr brought his night-flight rocket complete with sequenced flashing LEDs.

A major part of the meeting was spent brainstorming ideas for meetings and launches this year.  (Thanks to all who submitted ideas!)

Meeting Ideas (if you'd like to volunteer to lead a meeting on any of these ideas, or some other idea that you may have, please speak up!)

  • finishing/painting
  • how to prepare for contests
  • Large Model Rockets
  • zipperless construction
  • RockSim
  • clustering/staging
  • rocket gliders
  • how to make decals
  • junkyard rockets
  • UFO building
  • TARC mentoring
  • Outreach
  • ground support equipment
  • reloadable motors
  • electronic deployment
  • competition basics
  • camroc/vidroc
  • rocket locators
  • L1/2 certifications

Launch ideas

  • July - 40th anniversary of Apollo 11
  • oddrocs
  • Mars
  • regional contest
  • "beauty" contests (for rockets)
  • MASA records
  • scale contest
  • kitbashing

(Alan Estenson)

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