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Last updated: August 8, 2008
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November Meeting Minutes (11/8/2008)

The November 2008 MASA meeting was held on the 6th at the Science Museum.

A total of 7 people attended the meeting.

Next Launch: The next regular launch will be on Saturday, November 22 at the Elk River/Otsego VFW soccer fields.  This will be a mod-roc launch (max 1 lb)

Next Meeting:  Their isn't a regular club meeting in December.  We are still working on details (location & date) of the club holiday party.  Details, once set, will be announced on the mailing list and web site.

2009 club officers

Following MASA tradition and precedent, the 2008 MASA officers (Alan, Carol, Rick), having indicated their willingness to serve in those positions for another year, were confirmed in their respective offices for 2009 by unanimous acclamation of all MASA members in attendance.

2009 meeting locations

It's currently unknown if MASA will be able to continue meeting at the Science Museum in 2009.  We will be checking into it and investigating alternative meeting locations.

Secretary/Treasurer's report

Rick reported that there is currently about $560 in the club treasury.  Current memberships consist of 26 family, 16 single, and 2 junior for a grand total of 116 people.

2009 MASA badge design contest

In the coming weeks, we will be starting up a little contest to design the MASA name badge / membership card for 2009.

Show and tell:

  • Caleb Boe brought his Semroc Saturn 1b.  Caleb and three other MASA members (Carol, Jeff, Mark) participated in building a total 30 S1b's for the Apollo 7 40th anniversary event in October.  The best three rockets were autographed by Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham and sent back to their builders.  Both Caleb and Carol got theirs back!  All the other rockets were donated or sold for charity.
    Caleb talked about the experience of building the rocket in a very short time and about some of his construction and painting techniques.  Looks incredible, Caleb!  Congrats!
  • Rick Vatsaas brought his "Starship Ursa" (kitbashed from a Screaming Mimi), his "Lunar Liner" cup rocket and a new cup rocket under construction, and a 2-stage Estes Renegade.
  • Ted Cochran brought his Estes Interceptor-E and an ARC parallel-staged rocket.  The ARC rocket had a successful first flight in September on four A8-3 and one D12-3 motors.
  • Alan Estenson brought his "2008 Halloween Rocket" (made from a $1 Walmart flashlight) and his Solar Warrior inspired goony, the "Solar Goon".

(Alan Estenson)

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