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Last updated: August 8, 2008
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

August Meeting Minutes (8/8/2008)

The August 2008 MASA meeting was held on the 7th at the Science Museum.

A total of 16 people attended the meeting.

Next Launch: The next regular launch will be on August 23 at the Nowthen sod fields.  The theme for the launch is "multistaging."  Special events include the annual Great UFO Drag Race and the Annual Comanche-3 drag race.  An Open Spot Landing contest, run by Art Gibbens, will be held.  (For contest info, please download this PDF file.)  Art will be donating up to 18 old MRC B4-4 motors for use by participants in the contest.  Info on the performance of these motors will be submitted to the NAR's expired motor testing program.

Next Meeting:  The next club meeting will be on Thursday September 4 starting at 7pm.  Since the Science Museum will be closed for the Republican National Convention, this meeting will be held at Bailey Nurseries in Newport.  Directions will be posted on the mailing list and web site soon.  Thanks to Art Gibbens for arranging this meeting location!

Other stuff:

  • Todd Schweim has volunteered to have an FAI session at his house on Saturday, September 6 at 1pm.  If you're interested in FAI competition and those "wacky looking" rockets that they fly, you won't want to miss this!  Learn about making tubes, nose cones, fins, and much more.  More info will be sent out on the mailing list.
  • Todd is also interested in organizing either a NAR sanctioned contest meet, probably in June of 2009.
  • Jeff Taylor talked about the possibility of having MASA t-shirts silk-screened.  Most of those present at the meeting were interested.  Roughly 36 t-shirts would need to be pre-sold in order to make this practical.
  • Deadline for submissions for the next issue of the Planet is August 25.

LAC Trophy

At the conclusion of NARAM 50, the prestigious LAC Newsletter Award was presented to the MASA Planet for best NAR section newsletter!  As recipient, MASA is entrusted with the history-laden North American Rockwell Trophy and the "annex" that accompanies it for the next year.  Congratulations to MASA Planet Editor Jeff Taylor!  Huge thanks to all the different contributors to the Planet over the years!

Ted Cochran (Planet editor from 2002-2006) accepted the trophy at NARAM and brought it back to Minnesota with him.  At the meeting, we unboxed the trophy.  In use since 1969, the trophy is a little battered and worn around the edges.  In fact, this was the 40th time that the trophy had been awarded.  We persuaded Jeff to pose with the trophy, and then got Ted into the photos too.

Todd Schweim told us that this was the trophy's first return to Minnesota since it was won by the former Zenith section for their "View From Zenith" newsletter back in 1979!  (and sat in Tom Beach's house for a year)

Accompanying the trophy is a locked wooden "annex" box.  This box contains items placed in it over the years by all the different sections that have won the trophy.  Only members of the section winning the trophy get to view the contents of the box, and they are never to be divulged to anyone else.

When the moment came, we "tyled the lodge", closed the door, put away the cameras, and opened the box.  There's a lot of neat stuff in that box, like [THIS SECTION REDACTED BY NAR EXECUTIVE ORDER #011678347B].  Wish you were at the meeting to see it in person, don't you?  ;-)

The trophy and annex went home with Jeff for the next year until we have to deliver it to NARAM 51.

Jeff writes:

At the August meeting on the 7th, we opened the LAC Annex. This is a wooden box about the size of a box that a new pair of snow boots would come in. It came to us under lock and key as part of the LAC
Newsletter Award that MASA received at NARAM 50. There is a long-standing tradition that the contents of the Annex are to be shared with the winning club but are to be kept secret outside of the
club. If you missed the meeting and would like to see what's inside, let me know and we can figure out
how you can get a peek inside. At the end of MASA's reign in June 2009, we will make a secret contribution to the Annex and pass it on the next year's LAC Award winner.

Also, the LAC Newsletter Award includes the Rockwell Trophy. This is a very large trophy that has been traveling from club to club since 1969. It has many miles on it (and it shows) and has a long history.  Again, if you would like to see the trophy before we give it up next June, let me know.

According to Ted's report from NARAM when MASA was presented the award, we were in the running with two other club newsletters, but the one thing that put us above all others were the number of contributors that we had over the past year. Having said that, I would like to personally thank the following individuals who contributed to the MASA Planet over the past year:

Caleb Boe
Ted Cochran
David Donovan
Ben Ericksen
Mike Erpelding
Alan Estenson
Art Gibbens
Ken Jarosch
Ray King
Carol Marple
Glen Overby
Rick Vatsaas

I can't thank Ted enough for being the club editor for 5 years before I took it over last June. He did an amazing job and deserves a huge round of applause from all of us. He had built up a solid publication that I tried to continue when he retired, and I don't think we would have won this award if it weren't for the foundation that he had built.

As I enter my second year as editor of the MASA Planet, I would like to ask all of you to consider contributing something to the Planet. Diversity in the Planet's content and contributors keeps it interesting for all who read it. Please consider submitting a short article or two, and let's see if we can keep the LAC Award in Minnesota for another year!

Thanks to everyone! Wining this award was as much of a surprise to me as it is an honor, but it wouldn't have happened without contributions from MASA members like you.


A number of MASA members made the trip to The Plains, Virginia for NARAM 50 and especially for the Old Rocketeers Reunion.

Making his first NARAM trip was Caleb Boe accompanied by his mother, Linda.  Caleb competed in B division, and brought home some serious hardware!  He won:  3rd in helicopter duration, 2nd in payload altitude, 1st in R&D(!!!), and 4th overall in B-division.  Congratulations, Caleb!!!  Caleb brought along his medals and trophy, and he also showed us some of the competition rockets that he used.

(Alan Estenson)

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