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Last updated: June 7, 2008
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

June Meeting Minutes (6/7/2008)

The June 2008 MASA meeting was held on the 5th at the Science Museum.

A total of 4 people attended the meeting.  (Where was everybody?)

Next Launch: Solstice launch will be on the afternoon/evening of June 21 at the Elk River VFW soccer fields.  The next regular launch will be on June 28 at the Nowthen sod fields.

There is no regular meeting in July.  Instead, the summer picnic will be held on July 19 at the Elk River VFW.  We're hoping to have a big shindig celebrating MASA's 10th anniversary.  For those of you participating in the "Sky of Gold" celebration, you're encouraged to fly your Semroc Golden Scouts at the picnic.

  • Deadline for submissions for the next issue of the Planet is June 25.

Show -n- Tell

  • Tim Barr brought a fin can assembly.  It has built-up fins with a thin G10 skin and internal LEDs.  A small circuit board can make the LEDs flash in different ways.
  • David Whitaker brought his Binder Jaguar.  He built it for electronic deployment and set it up to fly on 29mm or 38mm hybrids all the way up to the longest I-motor.
  • Alan Estenson brought his old "IPFI Corrigan" that was kitbashed from an Estes Sizzler.

Kitbash Kickoff

The kit chosen for this year's kitbash is the Estes Screamin' Mimi.
This kit was available at the June meeting for a purchase price of $6.50
(For those who still need a kit, stop by Hub Hobby Center in Little Canada on Wednesday evenings or Sunday afternoons and see Alan to purchase one.)

Your mission is to seek inspiration for your kitbash from the 1981 Estes catalog.

There are a ton of rockets in there which you could roughly upscale using the parts in the Mimi kit. There are also some rockets which you could directly clone. For even more fun, you could reimagine and reinterpret one of those old designs around your available parts. Maybe the "Photon Disruptor" might inspire you to create a "HadronCollider". Create a new "Strato-tracer" based on the "Skytracer".

Exactly what you do is up to you!

Links to plans and such can be found at

You may use or not use any and all contents of the kit, including the packaging, at your discretion. If you wish, you may substitute an equivalent amount of uncut balsa sheet for the laser-cut fin sheets in the kit. You may swap out the motor mount tube and centering rings if you'd prefer to build for an 18mm motor instead of 24mm. You may not add or substitute any other parts.  (You may add internal noseweight if necessary to ensure stability.  You may swap out the kit shock cord for a longer one if you wish.)

If you have your Kitbash Kreation komplete and bring it to the klub picnic in July, you'll be eligible for a special prize drawing!

(Alan Estenson)

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