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Last updated: Apr 15, 2008
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

April Meeting Minutes (4/15/2008)

The April 2008 MASA meeting was held on the 10th at the Science Museum.

5 people braved the horrible weather to attend the meeting.

The April launch will be on the 26th.  The location is still to-be-determined.  It will be at the Nowthen sod farm if it has dried out enough.  Otherwise, it will probably be at the Elk River VFW soccer fields.  Site will be determined by the 20th and the web site will be updated accordingly.

The next meeting will be on May 1.  The scheduled topic is "hybrids".

  • NARCON 2008 was a success and is now almost a month behind us.  Yay!
  • We will be planning something special for MASA's 10th anniversary celebration for the club picnic in July.  If you have any ideas, please pass them along.
  • If you are building one of the Semroc Golden Scout kits, we encourage you to fly them in July at either the picnic or the regular launch.
  • If you have any ideas for how to make the regular club launches more fun and interesting (themes, contests, special events, etc), please let us know.
  • The NARAM 50 organizers have planned a "Fly-it / Take-it" event for kids (13 and younger) or first-time flyers of any age to have an opportunity to fly an already-built rocket and then keep the rocket. The organizers have requested that NAR sections build between six and twelve rockets for donation to the event. The only restriction is that the rocket(s) must fly on a single 18mm black powder motor. MASA will be supporting this event by donating a minimum of 6 built rockets; we need your help donating and/or building.  If you would like to help out, MASA Vice President Carol Marple will be collecting the donated rockets at the April launch or the May meeting and then will ship them to the NARAM 50 organizers.

Safety Training

The evening's topic was range safety, rocket safety, and RSO/LCO training.  With the small turnout, this mostly consisted of discussion, Q&A, and going through the RSO/LCO checklists.  A selection of related safety information has also been made available in the Files section of the masarocketry mailing list.

Show -n- Tell

  • Caleb Boe brought his compressed air pyro-free ejection system - now installed in an airframe.
  • Alan Estenson brought his vintage Estes Kadet (The first rocket that I ever launched.) and a new Semroc Sky Hook built with a 13mm motor mount.

(Alan Estenson)

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