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Last updated: Dec. 15, 2007
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

December 2007 Holiday Party (12/8/2007)

On Saturday evening, December 8, about 25 MASA-ites gathered at the residence of Buzz & Kathy McDermott in Blaine for the annual club holiday party.

The annual MASA gift exchange game was once again a fun time with about 20 people participating.  A toolbox and a kit for a large crayon rocket were among the "hot" items that traded hands many times.

2007 MASSY Awards

  • Mike Erpelding gave out multiple recognition awards for NARCON volunteers, TARC mentors, and other noteworthies.
  • Alan Estenson gave out three Prang awards for the year:
    • Lesser Prang Award:  Mark Thell, for CHAD-Staging in the Face of Common Sense, for the flight of his "Flying Martini Glass of Death" on July 28.
    • Lesser Prang Award:  Jim Myers, for Lawn-Darting Two Flying Lumberyards with only a Single Launch, for the flight of his Stage II Thunder on April 28.
    • Greater Prang Award:  David Whitaker, for Unstable Flight and Rocket Disintegration in the Realm of Multi-Staging, for the flight of his CC Express on October 27.  In honor of this recognition, Dave received the traveling Prang Trophy (a copy of the William Shatner Estes video and the rocket sand pail set) to hold for 2008.  In a startling development, Dave protested that not only didn't he remember this flight, but he has never had a CC Express rocket!  Were the flight cards in error?  Does some mystery rocketeer actually deserve this award, or is Dave pulling our collective legs?  Stay tuned...

Drawings were held for free door prizes.  The winners were:

  • (The following prizes were donated by Hub Hobby Center of Little Canada.)

  • Don Boe - Estes Cosmic Cobra kit

  • Michelle Heren - Estes Paveway kit

  • David Whitaker - Semroc Space Plane kit

  • Aimee Whitaker - Estes Super Neon kit

  • Philip Gibbens - Semroc Laser X kit

  • Richard Shmel - Estes Der Red Max kit

  • (The following prizes were donated by MASA.)

  • Renee Gibbens - Estes Yankee kit

  • Daniel Boe - 14" LOC parachute

  • Cindy Whitaker - Modern High Power Rocketry book

A HUGE thanks to Buzz & Kathy for hosting the party again this year!  A BIG thanks to Hub Hobby Center for donating prizes!  An enormous thanks to everyone who attended!

(Alan Estenson)

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