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Last updated: Nov 13, 2007
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November Meeting Minutes (11/2/2007)

The November 2007 MASA meeting was held on the 1st at the Science Museum.

6 people attended the meeting.

  • The November launch will be on the 17th.  This is one week earlier than normal (3rd Saturday).  The location will be determined soon (either the Elk River VFW or the Nowthen sod farm).
  • We are looking for a location/host for the annual club holiday party.
  • Be sure to put NARCON 2008 on your calendar - March 14-16 in Rochester.
  • The newest issue of the Planet is now available for download.  Jeff welcomes your contributions for future issues. 

2008 MASA Officers

Nominations are now open for 2008 club officers.  Officers must be current MASA members and must be senior members of the NAR.  A description of officer duties may be found here.  Nominations will remain open until the end of November.  Nominees will then have until the time of the club holiday party to either decline the nomination, or accept the nomination and become a candidate.  If there is more than one candidate for each office, then a vote will be held at the January club meeting.

You may nominate anyone, including yourself, by posting a message to the masarocketry email list.  The club officers are:  President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Officer Nominations (last updated 11-13-2007)


Ted Cochran (declined)

Alan Estenson (?)

Vice President

Alan Estenson (?)

Carol Marple (?)


Buzz McDermott (declined)

Rick Vatsaas [incumbent] (?)


Show -n- Tell

  • Tim Barr brought his test rig for a non-pyro ejection system.  It uses springs and a sliding coupler to separate the rocket.
  • Caleb Boe also brought a test rig for a non-pyro ejection system.  It uses a small pvc compressed-air reservoir with a solenoid valve release.
  • Ken Jarosch brought his LOC IV that he has stretched and modified with modular construction, zipperless recovery, and an ejection baffle.

(Alan Estenson)

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