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Last updated: Aug 4, 2007
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

August Meeting Minutes (8/4/2007)

The August 2007 MASA meeting was held on the 2nd at the Science Museum.

8 people attended the meeting.

  • The summer picnic was a big success on July 21.  Attendance was in the high 30's, the weather was nice, and people had a good time.  Over 60 flights were tallied at the afternoon launch.
  • The July 28 launch had beautiful weather and a good turnout of people.
  • The next launch will be on August 25 at Nowthen.  The theme will be Science Fiction & Fantasy rockets.  We'll also have the annual UFO and Comanche-3 drag races.
  • The next meeting will be on September 6.
  • Meeting topics (and volunteers) are needed for the September, October, and November meetings!

Show -n- Tell

  • Alan Estenson brought along a Semroc Goliath and a Semroc Aerobee Hi.  Both recently completed and flown for the first time at the July 28 launch.
  • Ken Jarosch brought a Quest Courier modified for 24mm motors.  He also brought "Khufu's Pyramid"; he won the kit at the picnic and just finished building it.
  • Tim Barr showed an idea for using the end & cap of a pill bottle as a motor retainer.

Video Rockets
The topic of the meeting was "video rockets" led by Dwayne Shmel.

Dwayne talked about how he started out with the Estes Oracle video rocket.  He showed a couple videos from his Oracle flights.  After that, he moved up to using the Boostervision live downlink video system, and he showed some of those videos.  Dwayne brought in the cameras and his handheld antenna/receiver/camcorder rig.  He talked about the types of cameras and other sources for them than just Boostervision.  He also talked about the various types of antennas that you can use to improve reception of the signal.  Dwayne had prepared handouts and cd-roms of rocket videos for the meeting attendees.

Download the PDF of Dwayne's handout.

Thanks Dwayne!


MicroCam2 info:

Antenna source:

(Make sure you order a SMA-Male type connector. NOT reverse polarity.)

Flat patch antennas:

SMA Cables:

Build your own patch antenna:


(Alan Estenson)

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