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Last updated: July 24, 2007
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

MASA summer picnic (7/24/2007)

MASA members gathered on Saturday, July 21, at the Elk River & Rogers VFW post  for the 10th annual MASA summer picnic.  It was a warm and sunny day, but not beastly hot or incredibly windy like the past few years.  It was a pleasant afternoon to sit in the shade and talk, and not too bad for standing out in the sun and flying rockets, either.

The site was the VFW soccer complex where occasional MASA launches are held.  The VFW kindly let us use their grill and picnic shelter again this year.  There was rocket flying, eating, and a bunch of socializing.  About 38 people attended the launch & picnic.


This was also an official MASA launch.  A misfire-alley range was set up on the soccer fields.  Launching began about 2:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm.  About 66 flights took to the skies in those three hours.  The launch report tells that side of the story.

Lots of prizes!

At about 7:00 pm, drawings were held for the free "door" prizes.  There were a HUGE number of prizes, and everybody who stayed for (and entered) the drawing went home with something (or several somethings).  Here's the rundown of who got the loot:

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada

    • Heather Myers - Edmonds Stage 2 Thunder kit (special Goony prize)

    • Jeff Taylor - BMS/Alway Zenit kit

    • Heather Myers - ASP 18mm parachute duration kit

    • Dwayne Shmel - BMS Gyroc clone kit

    • Phillip Gibbens - BMS K10 Cobra clone kit

    • Hannah Gibbens - Semroc Centurion kit

    • Tim Barr - FlisKits D-Nelson Tomahawk kit

    • Alyssa Taylor - Custom Ion Pulsar kit

    • Carol Marple - Estes Sizzler kit

    • Ben Ericksen - Pack of Estes B4-4 engines

    • McKenna Taylor - Pack of Estes C6-5 engines

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Richfield

    • David Whitaker - Estes Pop Fly kit

    • Elizabeth Shmel - Sunward Star Watcher kit

    • Justine Myers - Sunward Interplanetary Shuttle kit

    • Ken Jarosch - Sunward Khufu's Pyramid kit

    • Richard Shmel - Sunward Box Racer kit

    • Mathias Gibbens - Sunward Lightning Fury kit

    • Dwayne Shmel - Squirrel Works Space Ranger kit (special Goony prize)

    • Dwayne Shmel - Starlight Asteroid Probe kit

    • Jeff Taylor - Estes Gauchito kit

    • Austin Whitaker - Estes Gauchito kit

    • Ben Ericksen - Custom Redliner kit

    • Alyssa Taylor - Custom Skybird kit

    • Rick Vatsaas - FlisKits Triple Threat kit

    • Heather Myers - FlisKits Freedom Forge kit

    • Eric Myers - Quest Q-EZ glider kit

    • Elizabeth Shmel - Pack of Estes B6-4 engines

    • Hannah Gibbens - Pack of Estes B6-4 engines

    • Richard Shmel - Pack of Estes D12-3 engines

    • Andy Heren - Pack of Estes C6-3 engines

    • Art Gibbens - LOC/Precision 36" parachute

  • Donated by Jeff Taylor

    • Renee Gibbens - FlisKits UFFO kit

  • Donated by Ron Wirth

    • Andy Heren - Thrustline V2 kit

  • Donated by Glen Overby

    • Art Gibbens - Quest launch controller

    • Jim Myers - Pack of MicroMaxx rockets

  • Donated by Mike, Amber, & Ethan Erpelding

    • Eric Myers - NARCON T-shirt

    • Cindy Whitaker - NARCON T-shirt

  • Donated by Ken Jarosh

    • Amy Whitaker - TLP Matra Super 530D kit

    • Austin Whitaker - TLP Matra "Magic" R.550

    • Susan Shmel - Estes Hi-Flier L1 kit

    • Rick Vatsaas - Estes Sky Writer E2X kit

    • Mathias Gibbens - Estes Sky Writer E2X kit

    • Ted Cochran - Estes Sky Writer E2X kit

    • John Carlson - Estes Shuttle Express E2X kit

    • Alan Estenson - Estes Cosmic Cobra E2X kit

  • Donated by Tyler, Ben, and Courtney Ericksen

    • Ted Cochran - Estes Patriot kit

    • Ken Jarosch - Semroc Sky Hook kit

    • Jim Myers - Semroc Batrok kit

A big "Thank You!" to:

  • Everyone who participated!
  • Everyone who donated door prizes!
  • Grillmeisters Art and Andy
  • Everybody who helped run the rocket range out in the hot sun (Buzz, Jeff, & Ted)

(Alan Estenson)

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