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Last updated: Feb 3, 2007
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

February Meeting Minutes (2/3/2007)

The February 2007 MASA meeting was held on the 1st at the Science Museum.

12 people attended the meeting.

  • Mike has been contacted about MASA doing a rocket presentation for the CAP on either Feb 15 or 22.  The location would be Holman Field in St. Paul.  If you would be interested, please contact Mike for more info.
  • Secretary/Treasurer duties have been transferred to Rick Vatsaas.  The online and downloadable (pdf) membership forms have been updated with his name & address.
  • The February 24 launch will be at the White Bear Lake field (weather permitting).  The January launch was canceled due to poor weather.
  • Buzz McDermott is planning to have an official contest at the June MASA launch.  He will be announcing the contest events soon.
  • NARCON is coming up very, very quickly!  Not much over a month away, now.  All MASA members are encouraged to attend!

Show -n- Tell

  • Caleb Boe brought a variety of home-sewn nylon chutes.  He plans to sell them at NARCON.
  • Andy Heren brought a FlisKits Long Overdue.
  • Buzz McDermott brought a Squirrel Works Starcruiser FFE and a modified Sunward Gravity Rider.
  • Tim Barr brought a variety of large "found" tubes to give away.  He also brought along an Aiptek digital video camera.


Those present decided on meeting activities through the middle of the year.

  • March - pre NARCON prep tasks
  • April - post NARCON "decompression" and review.  (Party?  :-)
  • May - Contest models, tips, etc - Buzz McDermott
  • June - kitbash of some sort - ?
  • July - picnic

(Alan Estenson)

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