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Last updated: Jan 20, 2007
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January 2007 Meeting Minutes (1/20/2007)

The January 4th MASA meeting was held in the MN Science Museum lobby.  A discussion was held on not having future meetings at the musuem during events at the Excel Energy Center; due to the traffic and increased parking fees. Unless you are a museum member, you might not be able to get a refund in the future.

Election of officers was held.

2007 President Mike Erpelding
2007 Vice President Alan Estenson
2007 Secretary/ Treasurer Rick Vatsaas

A small discussion on meeting topics was held. Due to a smaller turn out, it was decided to table the meeting topics schedule until the next meeting.

It was decided to have a NARCON planning meeting session at the next two meetings as well.

We need to take a look at setting up a working budget for MASA to see if the current membership dues are enough to cover club expenses.

It was also discussed if hosting a National or Regional NAR launch would require all participants to become MASA members to comply with the bylaws. We need to check into adding a phrase to the bylaws clarifying this issue.

Mark Nelson volunteered to host a MASA launch at his farm this winter.

Timothy Barr brought a homemade launch pad that he constructed using 8020 extruded aluminum from a local supplier.

(Mike Erpelding)

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