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Last updated: Aug 5, 2006
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

August 2006 Meeting Minutes (8/5/2006)

The August 2006 MASA meeting was held on the 3rd at the Science Museum.

7 people attended the meeting.

  • The August launch is scheduled for the 25th at Nowthen.  Mike Erpelding cannot be present, so we will especially need people to assist with the launch and equipment.  Ted Cochran is planning on bringing his 12-pad launch controller; people may also set up their own pads & controllers in misfire alley style.
  • Ted Cochran had just returned from NARAM 48 in Arizona, and he gave us a brief description of events there.
  • Deadline for submissions for the next MASA Planet is at the end of August.  Please consider sending something in!

Show -n- Tell

  • Jeff Taylor brought several very sharp rockets.  He had an Estes Renegade with a really cool NWA paint scheme and custom decals.  Jeff has painted up a Big Bertha with multi-colored "hot rod" flames - very sharp!  Jeff also brought a very spiffy rendition of an Estes Outlander.
  • Andy Heren brought a cool "found parts" rocket that he built - "Tooth Decay".  He made it entirely from candy containers, boxes, wrappers, etc.
  • As part of the L1 cert topic, Alan Estenson brought his LOC Cyclotron, Ted Cochran brought his trusty LOC IV, David Whitaker brought a LOC Norad Pro Maxx, Carol Marple brought her PML Black Brant VB, Jeff Taylor brought his LOC IV kit, and Caleb Boe brought his PML Tethys (with really cool color-shifting paint!)

Level 1 High Power Certifications

  • The topic of the meeting was to provide information and answer questions about Level 1 high power certification.  Alan Estenson led the discussion and provided a handout packet of relevant information.  (A PDF version of this packet may be downloaded through the masarocketry yahoo groups mailing list.  Because it contains some copyrighted information, it will not be placed on the MASA web site.)  With able input from Dave & Ted, many questions were answered.  Subjects covered included rocket selection, upgrades, motors, motor retention, recovery, and much more.  Alan had tabulated all the L1 cert flights at MASA launches over the years (16 known attempts - 14 successes - 2 failures) and prepared tables of suitable rocket kits from LOC & PML.
  • Thanks to everyone who participated!

(Alan Estenson)

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