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Last updated: Apr 21, 2006
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

April 2006 Meeting Minutes (4/21/2006)

The April 2006 MASA meeting was held on the 13th at the Science Museum.

9 people attended the meeting.

  • Those in attendance discussed this year's TARC experiences and flight performances.  (UPDATE - 4 MN teams have qualified for the national fly-off!)  The March MASA/TARC launch at Apple Valley was discussed.
  • The April 22 launch will be at the Buffalo/Rockford farm fields.  Mike cannot attend, so this launch will be MISFIRE ALLEY.  Mike will phone in a notification to allow flights up to 3.3lb.  However, encroaching development means that the max motor size for this field is now a single G.
  • The May meeting date and location have yet to be set.  No Thursday evenings are available at the Science Museum in May.  Watch the website and email list for an update.
  • The May launch will be at the sod farm by Nowthen.  We also have permission to hold some Sunday launches this year at that site.
  • The necessity of having a "backup" multi-pad controller than Mike's "Double Dozen" was discussed.  The feeling was, that there were enough multi-pad controllers owned by various MASA members, that it wasn't necessary for Mike to construct yet another one.
  • It's the busy rocket time of year for schools and groups.  There are many upcoming outreach opportunities in May.  Watch the email list for details.  If you can volunteer to help with outreach requests, it would be greatly appreciated!
  • Buzz McDermott is planning an official NAR Local Contest for the June launch.  More details will be forthcoming.
  • Ted Cochran requests submissions for the next issue of the Planet.  He would like articles to reach him by May 1.  He is still waiting on some promised NARCON articles (hint, hint).
  • Speaking of NARCON, the idea of MASA hosting a future NARCON has arisen.  Watch the email list for discussion on this topic.

Found Parts

  • The topic for the evening, organized by Mike Erpelding, was "Found Parts" rockets.  That's the building of rockets out of parts that, well, weren't designed to be used in rockets.  Some of Mike's examples were a "Cheeky Chip Cup", a spool rocket, and a rocket make from a plastic pop bottle.  Mike and Buzz brought boxes of parts that were free for the taking to meeting attendees.

(Alan Estenson)

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