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Last updated: Jan 13, 2006
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January 2006 Meeting Minutes (1/13/2006)

The January 2006 MASA meeting was held on the 12th at the Science Museum.

14 people attended the meeting.

  • MASA is planning to have a model rocket exhibit at MarsCon, a local Science Fiction convention during the weekend of March 3-5.  If you are interested in helping with the exhibit, please let a club officer know.
  • NARCON is the weekend of March 10-12.  Many MASA members are planning to attend.
  • TARC was discussed - how mentors and teams are doing.
  • 2006 MASA name badges were discussed.  Design submissions will remain open until January 20.  Then, votes will be collected and a design chosen.
  • The January 28 launch will be at the White Bear Lake field.  Mike is going to try to submit a Notification for this launch just in case TARC teams are there with >1lb rockets.  This date also marks the 20th anniversary of the loss of Challenger and her crew.
  • There will be no rocket exhibit at the Lego League tournament this year.
  • Ted needs submissions for the March issue of the Planet newsletter.
  • The meeting topics for the year were discussed.  Arms were twisted.  See the Events page for what we devised.

Show -n- Tell

  • Stuart Lenz brought a MicroMaxx size version of the old Cherokee D.  It'll be the next kit from MicroClassics.
  • Rick Vatsaas showed off his scratchbuilt 1/16 scale SpaceShipOne (very cool!) and some scratchbuilt fiberglass nosecones.
  • Buzz McDermott brought a pile of old Model Rocketry magazines.  He has accumulated many old rocket magazines.  If someone is looking for a specific article, Buzz is willing to make photocopies.

(Alan Estenson)

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