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Last updated: May 9, 2005
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May 2005 Meeting Minutes (5/9/2005)

The May 2005 MASA meeting was held on May 5th at the Minnesota Science Museum. The meeting was reasonably well attended with at least 8 people present.

Show & Tell

  • David Whitaker brought along a nicely finished Quest X-15 model.
  • Ken Jarosch brought his LOC Hi-Tech with a Rattworks H70 hybrid motor installed. Ken had also fabricated a nice electronics bay in which he had installed a PerfectFlite MAWD altimeter. Ken had a lively discussion with
    Ted and Glen Overby about how the ejection charges should be safed.


Ted Cochran presented the meeting topic of RSO/LCO training.

As part of the talk Ted brought his laptop and a video projector. The initial part of the meeting involved looking at Keyhole imagery that Ted Cochran had brought of the new launch site in Nowthen. The ability to look at earth from
space and then zoom into the launch site was quite impressive! Ted could measure distances from likely launch sites in the Nowthen field to adjacent roads and fields. There was general agreement that the field was capable of at least "I"
motor launches.

As part of the RSO/LCO training, Ted showed images of a fin can/lower stage rocket that had punched a hole in the wind-shield of a Suburban at a Tripoli launch. Ted also related the story of a head injury at recent NAR launch in Texas.

There is growing recognition inside of NAR that ballistic recovery is one of the greatest dangers to rocketeers and spectators. NAR is looking at formulating some new rules to prevent rockets from being launched over
crowds of people and over parked cars.

Ted then gave his presentation on RSO/LCO training.
As part of the training, particular emphasis was placed on RSO training and what should be looked for during the safety check-in of a rocket.

Several people had brought rockets to be checked. Ted made a list of the rockets on the white-board and the attendees attempted to discern what was wrong with the rocket (if anything).

(David Whitaker)

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