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Last updated: Apr. 16, 2005
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

April 2005 Meeting Minutes (4/16/2005)

The April 2005 MASA meeting was held on the 7th at the Science Museum.  It was a good turnout with 16 people in attendance including several guests.

  • The March launch was poorly attended.  There was discussion about whether people don't like the Buffalo/Rockford field.  The weather may also have been a factor.  The southern metro got lots of snow, but there was just a dusting at the field.
  • TARC teams were discussed.  Lots of teams, many requests for observers for launches.
  • The April 23rd launch will be at the new Nowthen site.  An FAA waiver has been approved for this site for 2005 allowing flights to 4,500 ft AGL!  [Thanks to Mike for all his work to get the waiver approved!]
  • Alan Estenson spoke briefly about upcoming flights by U of M student teams at North Branch.  They'll be launching "CanSat" payloads on J motors.

Show & Tell

  • Ellison Lenz brought a big rocket made of styrofoam cups called the "Re-Caffeinator".  He filled all the cups with expanding foam so that it could fly on a G motor.
  • Ken Jarosch spoke about his efforts to figure out hybrid motors.
  • Dave Gensler brought a newly built 2-stage cluster kit by U.S. Rockets. 

Contest Rocket Building Session

Mike Erpelding organized and led a building session for C streamer duration rockets.  Mike brought a ton of supplies, and quite a few rockets were constructed by both MASA members and guests.  Hopefully, we'll see them fly at the April contest.

Thanks Mike!

(Alan Estenson)

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