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Last updated: Jan 8, 2005
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

January 2005 Meeting Minutes (1/8/2005)

The January 2005 MASA meeting was held on the 6th at the Science Museum. 

MASA's first meeting of 2005 followed tradition by starting a little past 700 PM. Turn out was quite good, with about 17 members and members-to-be in attendance.

Old business

  • Russ Durkee was thanked in absentia for hosting the Holiday Party. Hub Hobby and Damian Kostron were thanked for donating door prizes.
  • Elections.  There was a slate of unopposed candidates
    • Mike Erpelding, President
    • Stuart Lenz, Vice President
    • Dave Whitaker, Secretary Treasurer

    Ted Cochran moved that the candidates be elected by acclamation. The motion was seconded by Andy Heren, and passed unanimously. They were duly applauded.

New Business

We brainstormed a list of about 15 ideas for meeting topics, and, as in previous years, dot-voted [another one of those corporate meeting processes has worked its way into our tradition] to narrow the field to fit the available dates. We then discussed, with a bit less vigor, ideas for launch themes and activities, and assigned them to dates as well. The resulting list:

"Build your own Cape Canaveral" [GSE] --Mike Erpelding

KSC Travelogue --Andy Heren
Launch: Green rocket drag race

Contest rockets --Mike Erpelding
Launch: MASA Sectional contest, events TBD

LCO/RSO Training --Ted Cochran to organize
Launch: Comanche Drag Race

Tube Fin Rockets --Alan Estenson (tentative, pending Alan's being strong armed into acquiescing -)
Launch: G80 & HPR Drag Race

Picnic launch: Special fun event D Ice cube duration

Paper rocket construction session --Stuart Lenz
Launch UFO Drag Race

NARAM Highlights --NARAM attendees

Kit Bash --Glen Overby to organize

Rocket Finishing --Dave Whitaker

Holiday Party

We talked up, promoted, and generally encouraged everyone to go to NARCON in Kenosha, WI, March 11-13.

Round Table

  • Ted Cochran handed out the new issue of the MASA Planet (Volume 8, Number 1) to everyone. It will be mailed in the next few days to all members in good standing as of the end of last year. This is the tradition with the first issue of the year, in order to make sure everyone is reminded to renew their membership for the year. The next issue only goes to members -)
  • Ted also passed around a paper glider model from the NASA Ares Mars Airplane site--Get your own at http//!
  • Stuart had another fleet of cool MicroMaxx rockets, including a couple of SF models and Phoenixes in two different sizes. He also had a paper Mercury Redstone. Folks asked about sources for paper models, so I'll list some here:
  • Rick Vatsaas showed off his Hindrocket, and discussed some of the interesting construction details--in particular the removable fins and the paper nose cone. Rick will have details on his web site, sooner or later, but pictures are there now http//
  • Finally, Andy Heren passed around an unopened, shrink-wrapped tube of 1/2A6-0 motors.

(Ted Cochran)

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