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Last updated: Nov. 14, 2004
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November 2004 Meeting Minutes (11/14/2004)

The November 2004 MASA meeting was held on the 4th at the Science Museum. 13 people were in attendance.

Upcoming events:

  • MASA's annual holiday party!  Russ Durkee has volunteered to host this year's party at his residence.  (This'll teach Brenda to leave him alone while she traipses off to Antarctica! <grin>)  The date and time will be set soon.

  • The next launch is scheduled for November 20at the Rockford/Buffalo launch site.  There is a possibility that this could be MASA's first-ever "waivered" launch, but that is still pending ATC approval.  If the waiver is not approved, this will be a "notification" launch with the usual 3.3 lb weight limit.


  • The idea of having rain dates for our regular launch dates was further discussed.  The October launch was held on a "rain date"; there were 47 flights.
  • MN TARC participation:  There are 3 teams registered in MN so far - Apple Valley High School, Hope Christian Academy, and Kimball Area High School.  Another 4 teams are known to have expressed an interest - River Falls High School (across the border in WI), a 4-H club in Stearns County, a school in Burnsville, and Jordan Park school in Minneapolis.
  • Four "Thank You" cards for the launch site owners were available at the last launch and the meeting for members to sign. They will also be at the November launch for others to sign them as well.  The topic of appropriate thank you / holiday gifts for the landowners was discussed.
  • Next the subject of the dollar value of our regular gift exchange at the holiday party was discussed. It was decided that it will be $10 like last year or an item ( or components) that you have on hand, thus not necessarily incurring any out of pocket expense to the donator.
  • Outstanding club expenses were discussed.
  • 2004 Prang Award nominations are needed!  How can Mike make fun of us at the party if he doesn't have nominations to pick from?
  • The possibility of having winter launches at the new Nowthen site was discussed.

Nomination of club officers for 2005:

The floor was opened for nominations of club officers for 2005.

Current nominations are:

President- Mike Erpelding

Vice President- Stuart Lenz

Secretary/ Treasurer- David Whitaker

Nominations for club office will be open until 1159 PM November 30, 2004. Nominees will have until 1159PM December 15, 2004 to accept or decline their nomination. Please use the masarocketry Yahoo group to nominate someone and to accept or decline your nomination.  Current nominees accepted their nominations at the meeting. Please no backing out now guys!  The election will be held at the January 6, 2005 MASA meeting.

Attic Treasures:

  • Russ Durkee led a discussion of "Attic Treasures" - rocketry kits & "stuff" from times long ago...

  • Russ brought along a number of classic, vintage, unbuilt, still in the packaging, rocket kits.  (and there was much drooling).  This included Centuri items such as the Centuri launch pad, Screaming Eagle rocket, UFO, Satellite Killer, C5 engines, Hercules II, Moonraker, and the Evel Knievel Sky Cycle starter set!

  • Mike Erpelding brought along an unbuilt MPC Martial Patrol kit.

  • Alan Estenson shared a number of old Estes catalogs from the late 60's, early 70's, and 80's.

Show -n- Tell

  • Ellison Lenz brought his Starship Excalibur clone.

  • David Whitaker had a nice Quest X-30 and a PML Pterodactyl Jr.

  • Mark Thell brought a "Carl-Scale" Wac Corporal with Tiny Tim booster.

(Mike Erpelding & Alan Estenson)

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