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Last updated: Oct. 7, 2004
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

October "Meeting" (10/7/2004)

Instead of a normal monthly club meeting, on our regular meeting night of October 7, MASA displayed its "stuff" during a special event at the Science Museum.  A number of MASA members helped out by bringing rockets and rocketry items for display, handing out fliers, and answering questions.  A few rockets took to the air for a night demonstration launch (described below).

Thanks to everyone for doing such a great job at tonight's event at the Science Museum. We had a great turnout. There were a LOT of rockets there and we really impressed the crowd with our night launch.

We set up down by Iggy the Iguana in an open grassy area next to the museum.

Early in the evening Ted, Mark, and I did a few test flights...the Glitter Bomb on a 1/2A and then an A8-3. Even in the dark, these flights were completely reasonable. Once the movie was over a crowd of about 50 or so gathered at the launch site. We had a few 1/2 A flights in an Alpha , and Brenda's Glitter Bomb flew on an A8-3. The pom poms did not deploy completely but garnered the closest to pad award. My Serval then had a nice flight on a B4-4 with streamer recovery..and a good recovery thanks to Seth Cochran. After several attempts Ellison got his micro-max UFO off the ground with cheers from the crowd.

The VP of Marketing and Sales told me we "made the evening" with our enthusiasm and launch. She also said we would be asked to do a building session and launch sometime in the future.

What fun.

Congratulations MASA!

Russ Durkee

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