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Last updated: July 30, 2004
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

MASA summer picnic (7/30/2004)

An evening's fun...

MASA members gathered on Saturday, July 24, at the Elk River & Rogers VFW post  for the 7th annual MASA summer picnic.  It was a downright gorgeous day with blue skies, warm temperatures (but not beastly hot) and a light breeze out of the west.

The site was the VFW soccer complex where occasional MASA launches are held.  The VFW kindly let us use their grill, tables and chairs, and picnic shelter.  There was rocket flying, eating, and a bunch of socializing.


This was also the primary MASA July launch.  A misfire-alley range was set up on the soccer fields.  Launching began about 11:00 am and ended about 4:30 pm.  There were a large number of flights taking advantage of the nice day.

Read the Launch report for that side of this story.

Lots of prizes!

Just before 7pm, drawings were held for the free "door" prizes.  Here's the rundown of who got the loot:

  • Deb Thell - "The Launch Pad" Matra Super 530D kit [donated by Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada]

  • Ted Cochran - Estes Super Nova Payloader kit [donated by HHC]

  • Brett McDowell - Quest Nike-K quick kit [donated by HHC]

  • Lee Frisvold - Quest Seeker quick kit [donated by HHC]

  • Liam Curry - Quest Aurora kit [donated by HHC]

  • Eli Curry - Estes Menace kit [donated by HHC]

  • Seth Cochran - Estes Polaris kit [donated by HHC]

  • Irene Gensler - Estes Mach 12 kit [donated by HHC]

  • Damian Kostron - Custom Ion Pulsar kit [donated by HHC]

  • Gib Curry - Quest Flatcat kit [donated by Mark Thell]

  • Susan Fergus - Quest Nike Smoke kit [donated by MASA]

  • Cheryl Kane - ASP D-Region Tomahawk kit [donated by MASA]

  • Mark Thell - Estes Prowler kit [donated by Ted Cochran]

  • Lee Grimm - Estes Banshee kit [donated by MASA]

  • Mike Erpelding - Estes Banshee kit [donated by MASA]

  • Dave Fergus - KosRox Streadur kit [donated by MASA]

A big "Thank You!" to:

  • Everyone who participated!
  • Everyone who donated door prizes!
  • Mike Erpelding for organizing the picnic, hauling a ton of gear, and driving back and forth across half the state
  • Lee Frisvold for serving as grillmeister
  • Everybody who helped run the rocket range

(Alan Estenson)

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