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Last updated: June 4, 2004
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

June 2004 Meeting Minutes (6/4/2004)

The June 2004 MASA meeting was held on the 3rd at the Science Museum.  A total of 8 people were present.

Upcoming events:

  • There is no regular meeting in July.

  • The next launch is scheduled for June 26th at Elk River.  MASA's first official section contest will be held at this launch!  See details below and in upcoming emails.


  • The May launch was cancelled due to poor weather.

  • The July picnic was discussed.  Scheduling, date, other issues.  Most of it will be worked out soon and announced on the web site and via email.  It looks like there will be a combined picnic and launch on Saturday, July 24.

Show'n Off:

  • Stuart Lenz brought his newly finished NCR Big Brute.

  • Lee Frisvold showed off a Thrustline Gyroc

  • David Gensler had a whole flock of rockets: a LOC Aura and lil' Nuke, Edmonds Geminee and Deltie and Ecee, and a PML Tiny Pterodactyl.


MASA's first official section contest will be held at the June 26th launch.  All MASA members are encouraged to compete!  The events are:

  • A BG (boost glide)

  • A SD (streamer duration)

  • B PD (parachute duration)

Prez Mike Erpelding passed along some advice on types of rockets, recovery devices, etc.

A BG:  an easy-to-build and nice flying entry would be an Edmonds Deltie.  Other kit options are available.

A SD:  various competition kits are available from companies such as ASP, QCR, and Fliskits.  Or you can scratchbuild something simple.  Or you can compete with something like an Estes Yankee or Wizard!  Tracing paper streamers work the best, but are fragile.  Mylar streamers work well and are tougher, but are also heavier.

B PD: again, competition kits are available.  You could compete using the same rocket as in A SD, just switch it from streamer to parachute.  Use the lightest, largest parachute that you can get into the rocket without packing it so tight that it can't deploy!  Lightweight plastic or mylar chutes work well.

Remember, everyone is encouraged to enter the contest and compete!  You don't need a bunch of fancy, purpose-built rockets.  You could enter all 3 events with just a Deltie and an Alpha!  (You may not win, but you'll have fun!)

(Alan Estenson)

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