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Last updated: May 9, 2004
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May 2004 Meeting Minutes (5/9/2004)

The May 2004 MASA meeting was held on the 6th at the Science Museum.

The meeting started promptly at 7 pm to allow plenty of time for RSO/LCO training.

It was decided to hold the May MASA launch on our regular date of May 22. Lee Frisvold volunteered to be in charge of the launch. I will drop off a limited amount of equipment at Lee's house before I leave for the TARC finals. The launch will be run as mis-fire alley style. Members are encouraged to bring their own launcher and pad.  The Tour de Deuce will proceed at the launch as planned. The plan is to hold the launch at the VFW soccer field in Elk River. I will call to make sure that it's okay for that date.

There will be a contest building session at the June MASA meeting presented by Mike Erpelding. The goal is to get some entries ready for the NAR sanctioned Section Contest featured at the June launch.  Events for the June contest are A BG, B PD, & A SD.

Numerous requests for volunteers for ongoing outreach opportunities was made

  • National Girl Scout Jamboree- Friday, July 16 9 am to 4 pm building session & Saturday July 17 2 to 4 pm launch with MASA demo launches between Scout groups.  It was pointed out that this huge event also happens to fall on the same Saturday as the MASA picnic. The members present felt that the picnic could be moved back to the regular launch day of July 24th.
  • The Bakken Science Saturday- May 22 and May 29 still no volunteers
  • Minnetonka Cub Scout pack demo on Tuesday, May 11
  • 6th Annual Westwood rocket building session- Friday, May14 (130 pm) & launch on Thursday, May 27 starting at 130 pm
  • Rocket league
  • Boy Scouts of America Day Camp

An update on the NAR/TRA litigation with the BATFE was given. The US District Court Judge Reggie Walton ordered that single use motors are exempt as PADS ( propellant actuated devices) under the BATFE's 1994 exemption. Until the BATFE makes a formal NPRM to change this, the 1994 exemption stands.

A plug to participate in the MASA Open Contests was made.

Two upcoming NAR events were mentioned

1 4 Al regional in WI on the weekend of June 5&6

NSL in Texas May 29-31

A request was made to encourage members to find potential model rocket sites around the Metro to hold informal launches this summer.  The masarockety yahoo group will be used to inform the membership when and where these launches will take place.

It was suggested to have a Tornado drag race as a fun event at one of our MASA launches. Lee Frisvold sold several of them to members last year and still has some left if anyone is interested.

The Aerotech G35W recall for batch #'s 011213, 002693, & 001914 was mentioned.

A discussion of doing something special for July's National Rocketry Month commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing was made. The idea of having a make it/ fly it/ take it home rocket building session, which would be open to the public, was very popular. Final details will be discussed later.

Mark Thell and Russ Durkee gave an execellent presentation on how to be an RSO or LCO at a MASA launch. There were several rockets with minor and major problems presented for practice. They varied from cracked fins and missing recovery systems, to a " trick question" rocket with the only thing being wrong with the rocket was Ellison Lenz ( The flyer being under 18 years old and the rocket containing 2 G motors.) <grin>

The meeting ended at 843pm.

(Mike Erpelding)

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