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Last updated: Apr 2, 2004
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

April 2004 Meeting Minutes (4/2/2004)

The April 2004 MASA meeting was held on the 1st at the Science Museum.  A total of 10 people were present.

Upcoming events:

  • An informal launch will be held this Saturday at Apple Valley High School starting at noon.  This is a TARC qualification flight opportunity.  MASA members are welcome to come and fly, help, or just watch.

  • The next meeting is scheduled for May 6th.  The topic will be RSO/LCO training led by Russ Durkee & Mark Thell.. 

  • The next launch is scheduled for April 24th.  The location will be announced soon.


  • Biggest Planet Ever!  New issue now available with tons of NARCON coverage.

  • From those who attended, "NARCON was great!"

  • Ted Cochran and Mike Erpelding gave quick updates on the progress of the TARC teams that they are mentoring.

  • Ted Cochran announced that he will be running for the NAR Board of Trustees!

Show'n Off:

  • David Gensler brought along several rockets: a FlisKits "Long Overdue", a Sunward "Maverick", and his kitbashed Renegade creation (looks like one of those wacky Russion "ekranoplanes" wing-in-ground-effect thingies.)

  • Ed Eastman brought his kitbashed Renegade creation, dubbed "Thunderbird 7".  Ed also had a FlisKits "Cheetah" 2-stager

  • Mike Erpelding also brought his kitbashed Renegade rocket.  It sports a center cluster of 2 18mm motors with potential for two outboard 24mm motors.

  • Stuart Lenz brought the "Pokemon #3" with eyebrow-raising axially-offset ring fin, and a teeny-tiny MicroMaxx powered Hawk.

Junkyard Rockets

For the severalth year in a row, Ellison Lenz organized a Junkyard Rockets building session.  The launch competition will be at the April launch.

Three teams built some very ... unusual ... creations.  This year, the major requirement was that the rocket must fly on a 29mm single-use F motor!

Wear your hard hats to the April launch!

(Alan Estenson)

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