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Last updated: Mar. 5, 2004
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

March 2004 Meeting Minutes (3/5/2004)

The March 2004 MASA meeting was held on the 4th. Due to scheduling concerns, the meeting was held in the lunchroom at Aero Systems Engineering in Plymouth.  9 people were in attendance.

Upcoming events:

  • The next meeting is scheduled for April 1st.  The activity will be a Junkyard Rockets building session organized by Ellison Lenz.

  • The next launch is scheduled for March 27.  Plans are to hold this launch at Apple Valley High School.  TARC teams will be encouraged to attend and attempt their qualification flights.  Stuart Lenz will be running a fun Odd-Roc contest, and everyone who built Renegade kit-bash rockets are encourage to fly them!


  • The MASA Section Renewal has been sent in to NAR HQ.

  • Club had a great February launch with 79 flights!

  • NARCON 2004 is March 13-15 near Milwaukee.  Several MASA members will be attending (and at least one will be speaking!)

  •  MASA will be holding an official, sanctioned, Section Contest at the June launch.  Potential contest events were discussed.  As soon as the selections are confirmed, details will be announced on the web site.

  • There is an Outreach Opportunity for a rocket presentation at the College of St. Scholastica's Upward Bound Math Science Program in Duluth.

Kitbash Renegades:

  • Twelve people began their participation in the Renegade kitbash at the February meeting by purchasing a Renegade kit.  Mark Thell, Ellison Lenz, Stuart Lenz, Seth Cochran, Ted Cochran, David Whitaker, Ed Eastman, Mike Erpelding, Brett McDowell, Tom Lawell, Travis Lawell, and Andy Heren.

  • Five out of those twelve were present at the March meeting with their kitbash creations:

    • Ted Cochran - "Enraged" with a sporty black paint job.  Potential 7 motor cluster! (3-18 & 4-13)

    • David Whitaker - a space cruiser looking thingy inspired by the old Estes Interceptor

    • Ellison Lenz - an unstable-looking creation sporting fins darn near everywhere

    • Stuart Lenz - "Negade" - a sharp yellow & blue job with forward swept fins

    • Andy Herron - a design with forward swept fins and side pods

  • Mike Erpelding gets a nod for at least having a design on paper.  He just didn't have time to build it (some lame excuse about working 14 hour days.)

  • By random chance, Andy Herron won a desk clock/calculator/calendar.  Ellison Lenz won a ruler.

  • <raspberry> Everybody who didn't show up with a kitbashed Renegade now gets heckled mercilessly! </raspberry>

  • Thanks to everybody who participated!  Remember, you're encourage to fly these rockets at the March launch.

Show'n Off:

  • David Whitaker brought along his freshly-completed LOC I-roc.

  • Ted Cochran brought along an upscale Tumbleweed and his Tower Ring Infernal.

  • Stuart Lenz brought along a wacky, wacky scratchbuilt odd-roc. Stuart also brought a truly staggering number of scratchbuilt Micro Maxx rockets.

  • Ellison Lenz had a "kitbash" sorta-scale creation "Saturn III"

  • Alan Estenson brought along a couple odd-rocs:  the Monolith, a Birdie, flying pyramid, etc.

Odd Rocs

Stuart Lenz talked about just what defines an "odd-roc".  He passed around a number of examples.  A fun contest event involving odd-rocs was planned for the March launch.

(Alan Estenson)

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