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Last updated: Dec. 13, 2003
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

December 2003 Holiday Party (12/13/2003)

On Friday evening, December 12, about 19 MASA-ites gathered at the Cochran residence in Minneapolis for the annual club holiday party.  While rocket talk filled the air and many delicious snacks disappeared from plates, the Discovery Channel's "Rocket Challenge" played on the television.

The annual gift exchange started out pretty slowly, but grew quite lively by the end.  Ted's Tethys was decorated as the "rocket-tree" this year.  Going in order of drawn numbers, each person could unwrap a gift or steal someone else's gift.  Lots of things got swapped around - some of the popular items were a Quest Nike Smoke kit, a tool box, a G64 reload, a custom launch controller, and an Estes Ram Jet kit.

Later in the evening, MASA President Glen Overby presented the annual MASSY awards..

First, Glen thanked all the RSO & LCO range duty volunteers for the year.  Putting all their names in a "hat", two were drawn out to receive "thank you" prizes.  Unlike the door prizes, these people didn't need to be present to win.  The winners of the RSO/LCO "thank you" drawing were:  Rick Vatsaas and Alan Estenson.

2003 MASSY Awards

In grand MASA tradition, President Glen Overby created this year's awards (possibly in an altered state of mind due to inhalation of AP fumes.)  Recipients were given a lovely paper certificate suitable for framing (or wiping glue off their fingers).

  • Distinguished Service Award for finding the new Buffalo launch site - presented to Rick Vatsaas.

  • Distinguished Service Award for efforts to find a new launch site - presented to Larry Schwartz.

  • Special recognition for hard-working TARC mentors - Ted Cochran and Art Gibbens

  • Technical Achievement Award - presented to Larry Schwartz for his 2-stage AMRAAM flight.

2003 MASA Prang Awards

Prang Award of the 3rd Order:  David Whitaker's superroc "Mine's Bigger" on a D12-7
Rocket sways in breeze.
Zooms around and out of sight
Gravel road kill now. - Ted Cochran
Translation:  This 12 foot (at least) bit of super-bendy-silliness did a big loop before crashing into the parking lot.

Prang Award of the 2nd Order:  Ken Corey-Edstrom's "lil' Johnny Rocket" on a F21 (1st "flight")
Bif looked good, alas,
like Mark Thell's, in distant past
just the motor flew. - Ted Cochran

L'il Johnny rocket
Can it fly do you suppose?
I can't prove it yet

Engine taped too loose
Run away! Run away fast!
Scary curlycue

Stay Back 30 feet
the motor flew between us
safety codes are good - Ken Corey-Edstrom & Don Wiebold

(and limericks too?)
There once was a Biffy that flew
Twas all cardboard and plastic and glue
The motor got lit
And proceeded to split
Left behind on the pad was the loo. - Ted Cochran
Translation:  This "flying" mini porta-potty might have stuck on the rail.  In any case, the motor shot clean through the "rocket", flipping and spinning its way past the flight line as everyone dove out of the way.

Ken Corey-Edstrom's "lil' Johnny Rocket" on a F21 (2nd "flight")
Again 'twas readied
Launch! Loops! Horizontal Flight!
Reconstruction looms. - Ted Cochran

L'ill Johnny rocket
go back to the drawing board
More nose weight I think

busted plastic bits
green toilet smokes on the ground
Not worth forty bucks - Ken Corey-Edstrom & Don Wiebold
Translation:  It got off the pad this time, but was unstable and pranged under thrust.

And the grand champeen...

Prang Award of the 1st Order:  Mark Thell - Lifetime Achievement Award.  This year's contribution, the flight of his Nike Ajax.  Mark was presented with the new MASA Prang Award traveling "trophy" (a copy of the William Shatner Estes video).

Drawings were held for free door prizes.  The winners were:

  • (The following prizes were donated by Hub Hobby Center of Little Canada.)

  • Austin Whitaker - Quest Falcon kit

  • Russ Durkee - The Launch Pad Phoenix kit

  • David Gensler - ASP Sonda IIB kit

  • Ed Eastman - FlisKits Flea kit

  • Stuart Lenz - BMS School Rocket kit

A BIG thanks to Hub Hobby Center for donating prizes!  A HUGE thanks to Ted Cochran and family for hosting the party again this year!  An enormous thanks to everyone who attended!

(Alan Estenson)

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