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Last updated: Sep 26, 2003
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September 2003 Meeting Minutes

The September MASA meeting was held at the Science Museum of MN on September 4th. Attendance was very sparse, probably due to this being the first week of school.

The SuperRoc contest winners were announced:

B Division

#1 Ellison Lenz 702 points

#2 Alissa Hoyme 270 points

#3 Kristen Hoyme 180 points

C Division

#1 Dave Whitaker 420 points

Ted Cochran and and Stuart Lenz had flights that were disqualified.  We're giving out prizes to the four people who had qualified flights. If you're on the list, get a hold of Glen Overby to pick your prize.

The September monthly launch was announced for the 27th, at Rockford/Buffalo.  Several members expressed their dislike for that site, to the surprise of the club president. In fact, many attendees expressed a preference for the Rogers / Elk River VFW site in Otsego. Recognizing this, the October launch will be held there.

The meeting then ... transistioned ... into a "Junkyard Rockets" building session with two teams constructing some dangerous looking rockets.

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