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Last updated: July 7, 2003
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June 2003 Meeting Minutes (6/13/2003)

The June meeting was held at the Science Museum of Minnesota on June 12th.

Glen went over highlights of John Kyte's reports on activity in the US Senate concerning Sen. Enzi's proposed legislation to ease the regulations restricting composite propellant.

Ted Cochran talked about the Minnesota Rocket League results.

Ted also put out a reminder that the comment period for the BAFE NPRM implementing Homeland Security provisions closes June 24th. There isn't much to say about them because they're a fairly straightforward implementation of the laws.

There's another deadline for the MASA Planet coming up. See Ted if you can contribute.

Our next launch will include a Super Rock competition. Dave Whittaker asked if an FAA notification could be in place; Glen agreed to look into it.

Our main topic of the meeting was Super Rock building. Ted Cochran handed out information on what a Super Rock is (from the "pink book"), an article by Tim Van Milligan, "Contest Strategy for Beginners "A" Superroc Duration and Pete Alway's Super Rock Rocket Gliders. Damian Kostron donated a large collection of tubes, which were sold for a token $0.50 each (proceeds going towards the July picnic).

(Glen Overby)

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