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Last updated: May 25, 2003
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Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

May 2003 Meeting Minutes (5/23/2003)

MASA met at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Thursday, May 22. Fourteen people attended the meeting.

The meeting started out with politics,  a discussion of BATF Notice of Proposed Rule Making #968. This notice places serious restrictions on high power motors, and may leave the door open to regulation of smaller motors. A two-page handout summarized recent NAR memos

  • Letter from Mark Bundick
  • Information on where to send comments
  • "talking points" from the NAR

A copy of the handout is available from



  • Ted Cochran is running a launch at Westwood Elementary in Blaine on 5/23.
  • Ted Cochran is running the INSciTE Rocket League launch on May 29th
  • Glen Overby has been contacted by the group hosting the Girl Scout Council's National Jamboree in July, 2004 about teaching a class building rockets. He's looking for help!

Launch Sites

  • We're still looking for a good launch site. Glen has been contacting sod farms, without much success.  If things work out, we hope to start flying from the Rockford site this summer.

Several rolls of pictures were passed around by Alan Estenson and Glen Overby.

There was a discussion about how the Team America Rocket Challenge flyoff went earlier this month.

Mike Erpelding gave brief discussion of the RSO and LCO procedures we use at our launches. Five "problem rockets" were handed around for evaluation by those present.

The meeting closed at approximately 830PM, a bit earlier than usual.

(Glen Overby)

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