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Last updated: Apr 3, 2003
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April 2003 Meeting Minutes (4/3/2003)

 We held the April meeting on April Fool's day at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Attendance was a bit lower than last month with about a dozen attendees. Several people brought new (and old) rockets they're working on.

A few notables were

  • A nice Jupiter C [Ken Corey-Edstrom's; a Truemodeler kit]
  • Lee Frisvold brought a box of Estes Tornado kits he recently picked up; he sold them to those interested. At a future launch, we'll have a Tornado drag race and see how many parts we can end up with in the sky.
  • The Lenz's brought their usual collection of eclectic stuff. Stuart had a box full of nicely painted MicroMaxx rockets and Ellison had a monster 2-stage egglofter that he plans to send to (exactly) 1500'.
  • Alan brought a really old Estes kit [Manta Bomber] with a really old shock cord that snapped. Replace those shock cords [and parachutes] before you fly your antiques!

This month's launch is scheduled for Elk River; however it could move if the sod farm in Blaine is available.

Team America Rocket Challenge

Three teams from Minnesota are finalists:

Apple Valley 1570'

North Branch 1415'

St. Anthony 1370'

A big THANKS! to Ted Cochran and Art Gibbens for mentoring the Apple Valley and St. Anthony teams (respectively). Thanks to all of those who came out to the launches to show your support for the kids.


The Metro Lakes District Camporee [Cub Scouts]  is May 17 at the Stearns County campground. Information was emailed to the masarocketry list; either check the list archives or contact Glen Overby if you're interested in helping.


Ted Cochran gave a talk about rules and regulations surrounding our hobby. It was accompanied by a handout covering the major details of the relevant rules and regulations.  [A PDF of the handout may be downloaded from the Tech page]

(Glen Overby)

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