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Last updated: Feb. 17, 2003
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February 2003 Meeting Minutes (2/4/2003)

The February 2003 MASA meeting was held on the 4th at the Science Museum. 

Upcoming Events

  • Our February launch will be held on the 22nd at Apple Valley High School. We'll have a "fun theme" of egglofting. Why egglofting in winter? We're joining several Team America Rocket Challenge groups who will be making test flights, and their challenge is to loft two eggs.


  • Our March meeting is Tuesday, March 11. Alan Estenson will be the featured speaker on the topic of 1 to 3 pound rockets.


  • The Minnesota Rocket League will be holding a launch in June. Contact Ted Cochran if you're interested in helping with the launch. We'll be judging MRL team entries at the April meeting.


  • MarsCon is offering space in their Science Room for a rocket display. If you're going to be at marscon and would like to lead this, see .

Show & Tell

  • Several people brought rockets and launch controllers to show off.

    The remainder of the meeting was modifying Estes launch controllers to run on 12 volts. Mark Thell lead this off by passing out an article from the Sport Rocketry, Holiday 1996 issue on this subject. The soldering irons were brought out and the work began. Those of us who weren't rebuilding our electronics stayed and talked rockets.

(Glen Overby)

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