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Last updated: Nov. 5, 2002
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

November 2002 Meeting Minutes (11/5/2002)

The November 2002 MASA meeting was held on the 4th at the Science Museum. 

Upcoming events:

  • The annual MASA holiday party is scheduled for Saturday, December 14 at the Ken Hoyme residence in Plymouth.  Details will be announced on the web site.

  • The next launch is scheduled for November 23 at Elk River.  Lee Frisvold will be the launch director.  The traditional 8-pad rack (using signup sheets) will be used.  (NO misfire alley.)


  • The winners of the Junkyard Rockets competition were announced:  Jeff Hove won a Sam-X kit for his 2nd place finish.  The team of Ted & Seth Cochran and Alan Estenson won a Orbital Transport kit for their 1st place finish.  Thanks to Ellison & Stuart Lenz for organizing it!

  • The deadline for the next issue of the MASA Planet is December 15.

2003 Officer Nominations:

Show'n Off:

  • Ted Cochran brought the rocket that he designed, built & flew for the NARTREK Gold level.  He described the experience and his results.

  • David Whitaker brought the Aerotech Sumo that he used to certify level 1 at the October launch.  He remarked that he didn't care for the piston design.

  • Stuart Lenz had a scratchbuilt recreation of a Centuri UFO Invader.  Very neat looking rocket.

  • Ed Eastman brought his scratchbuilt "XF-52 Space Superiority Fighter"

  • Tom Lawell showed his new LOC Graduator complete with lots and lots of white vinyl stick-on stars.

  • Alan Estenson showed how he added fins to an existing large tube-fin rocket to improve its flight characteristics.

(Alan Estenson)

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