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Last updated: Jan 17, 2004
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

September 2002 Meeting Minutes (9/5/2002)

The September 2002 MASA meeting was held on the 3rd at the Science Museum. 

Upcoming events:

  • The October meeting is scheduled for the 1st.  However, we just realized that there is a Wild game that night.  The meeting date will be changed - probably to 10/8.  The topic will be "Building challenge - Junkyard Rockets" organized by Ellison Lenz.  More information will be sent out prior to that event.  The meeting may start a little early to allow more building time.

  • The next launch is scheduled for September 28 at Blaine.  There will be an Alpha drag race and possibly a Venus Probe / ExoSkell drag race.  Mike Erpelding has volunteered to run a B parachute duration contest.  Info on the contest will be emailed out to MASA members.  This launch will be run as a "hybrid misfire alley".  Only a 6-pad system will be provided; everyone is encourage to bring their own launch pad and controller.


  • A new issue of the Planet newsletter just came out.

  • The submissions deadline for the next issue of the Planet is October 15.

  • Everyone present at the meeting filled out a survey about the Planet newsletter.  In exchange, they were able to put their name in a drawing.  Lee Frisvold won the drawing - a brand new Estes Orbital Transport kit!

  • There are photos from the August launch up on the web site.

  • A short discussion was held on launch etiquette.  We all need to remember to be friendly, helpful, and courteous to other members and visitors.  Not everyone appreciates jabbing comments or our typically skewed style of MASA humor.

  • The November meeting date will probably change to either the 4th or 11th.

  • A November meeting topic is needed!

  • Start thinking about officer nominations for 2003

  • Start thinking about the December holiday party (we need a new location for it!)

  • Estes is going to do another production run of their Saturn V kit this fall.

  • NASA Astronaut Lt. Col [USAF] Duane Carey will be giving a public lecture at the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, at 6 pm on October 25 at the McNamara Alumni Center.

Show'n Off:

  • Alan Estenson showed his rear ejection "I.P.F.I. Corrigan".  It was kit-bashed from an Estes Sizzler.  It has flown once (successfully) on a C5-3.

  • Ted Cochran brought his newly constructed Orbital Transport.

  • Lee Frisvold showed us his Public Enemy V2.  It lead to a discussion of the flying qualities of different V2 kits.

  • David Whitaker brought along his LOC Viper III.  He has flown it successfully on clusters of three D12's and three E9's.


Alan Estenson, Ted Cochran, and others in attendance talked about various computer software packages for designing, analyzing, and simulating rockets.  Thanks to Ted for bringing along his laptop and projector.

Some links and notes (not an exhaustive list!):

VCP – Visual Center of Pressure (freeware)
Calculates center of pressure location for “standard” types of rocket configurations.  Can handle transitions and up through 8 fins in a group (trapezoidal, elliptical, ring tail)  Can also print fin patterns, alignment guides, shroud templates.

  WRASP – Windows Rocket Altitude Simulation Program (freeware)
Windows version of the classic program for simulating rocket flight.     

 RockSim (commercial - $95, free reduced capability demo)
“Construct” a model rocket on screen.  Continuously analyze CP and CG location.  Simulate flights.  Very powerful program.

 SpaceCAD (commercial - $34.95, free reduced capability demo)
Model rocket design, analysis, and flight simulation)

 AeroDRAG – calculates and predicts rocket drag coefficients (commercial - $20)

 AeroCP – calculates center of pressure location (commercial - $10)

 AeroCFD – model rocket computational fluid dynamics program (commercial - $65)

FinSim - fin analysis program that can load info from RockSim files (commercial - $10)

Rockets3 – design and test rockets on screen (commercial - $60)

ParaCalc – helps you choose parachute size (freeware?)

WinSim – rocket analysis and simulation program (commercial - $?)

Rocketry Software and On-Line Calculators

Rocketry.Org's Software List

Amateur Rocketry Links Library


(Alan Estenson)

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